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Google+ /Plus Impact: Would You Totally Quit Facebook Now?


At OSM we’ve been keeping readers informed with developments over the newest social network, Google+, sometimes referred to as Google Plus. Some may have wondered if there was room for yet another social network but as times change and social networking becomes ever more prevalent it seems that … [Read more...]

Google+ (Plus) Surpasses 10 Million Users, 20 Million In Sight


At OSM we have been tracking the progress being made by the newest of the social networks that’s looking to rival the likes of Twitter and Facebook, Google+. Recently we added an article where we were talking about how the site during its beta stage was coming up to 10 million users, well, now it … [Read more...]

Google+ (Plus): Far More Appealing To Male Users


Google+ social networking which has in some ways been compared to Facebook, has just launched and has already attracted some 10 million if not more users. Although the two sites will coexist alongside one another, we asked just the other day, whether the two can work together and get on or whether … [Read more...]

Google+ (Plus) Early Update: Gender Can Be Seen Or Not


When you are creating a profile on a social network, something that generally doesn’t cause any of us a problem is Gender. Now we have heard that Google+ (aka Plus) is getting an early update where Gender can be seen or not seen. Now I know what you are thinking, there’s a story behind this… … [Read more...]

FB Scam: Get Invite Google+ - Scammers are Quick


There’s been a massive surge of people wanting too and joining up to what could be the fastest growing social network ever. Of course the scammers that troll the world of Facebook know this too and what better place to advertise for a scam about getting an invite to Google+ than Facebook? Boy … [Read more...]

Google+ aka Google Plus: Nearing 10 Million Users


The world of social media and social networking has had a massive swerve. Remember how Facebook became the dominant force for people to use, well our seamless search engine has now completed a masterpiece in Google+ aka Google Plus and now it’s nearing 10 million users already … [Read more...]

Why do you not have a Google+ invite?

Obtain a Google+ (Plus) invite the easy way

Google+ aka Plus was launched on June 28, 2011, but being able to obtain an invite was a tough job. These invites only went out to a select few at first, but has now started to roll out to the masses. Here we will explain how you can get a Google+ invite the easy way, so that you will be able to see … [Read more...]