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"Google IO" News

Google IO Giveaways 2011: Galaxy Tab 10.1 & Chromebook

[ 1 ] May 12, 2022

There are many events held around the world for different manufacturers and companies that are pretty popular with developers and consumers such as Apple’s WWDC and the gaming world’s E3 conference. There’s one other in particular where they are particularly generous to the people that attend

New Nexus Phone in 2011 with Android Ice Cream Sandwich Hints

[ 0 ] May 11, 2022

The smartphone market has become extremely competitive especially over the last little while with all the talk of the iPhone 5 and a load of other devices. Android are seemingly dominating the market with their range of devices of all types and price and also people simply looking for an alternative to the Apple iPhone

Google +1 Nearing Launch: Facebook Like Rival?

[ 0 ] May 11, 2022

When you look at the different companies that has now taken on board social media you realize that any that haven’t are making a mistake. Big companies and brands have started all their own marketing campaigns as well as using it to get a bit closer to their target audiences

Google IO 2011 Tickets: Sold Out Within 1 Hour

[ 1 ] February 8, 2022

If you were thinking about trying to get tickets for the next Google IO 2011 event, then stop thinking! The tickets are all gone; they sold out one minute short of an hour. That’s a pretty impressive amount of time to do it in. The event is taking place in the Moscone Center in San…