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"Gold Master" News

iOS 4.2.1 GM Update: iPhone and iPad Release Yesterday

[ 0 ] November 19, 2021

So now there is a gold master 4.2.1 that has gone to the developer, isn’t that a newer iOS that the 4.2 which Apple promised would be released in November from back in September? Yesterday there were a couple of issue where the software update server couldn’t be reached which prompted everyone to think that [...]

Apple Release iOS 4.2 "Gold Master" Available Today: iPad Benefits

Apple Release iOS 4.2 “Gold Master” Available Today: iPad Benefits

[ 1 ] November 2, 2021

Today great news has come through that will potentially help developers. It comes in a downloadable form of iOS 4.2 Gold Master. The new build will bring multitasking and UI features to all devices but particularly Apple’s iPad tablet will enjoy the benefits. As well as this news, we can report on the possibility of [...]