HTC Desire Gingerbread Update Gets Sticky: Ready But Only Half Baked


Those poor old guys who own an HTC Desire must be feeling like they just cant get a break! Not only have HTC made users wait for a few months for the sweet sweet Gingerbread update, it now turns out that it will only be half baked. In other words Desire owners will get a stripped down version of … [Read more...]

HTC U-Turn Will See Gingerbread Update Come To HTC Desire


Many owners of the HTC Desire were left with bitter tastes in their mouths after it was revealed that they would not be getting the Gingerbread software update. Less than 24 hours later and HTC have changed their mind. … [Read more...]

Android Gingerbread Update May Murder Your Motorola Droid X


With the smartphone market being a crowded one with lots of new devices being released, Google Android is doing its best to make sure that even older handsets have the best possible version of their OS … [Read more...]

MWC 2011: ZTE Skate- Runs Gingerbread

Another interesting new smartphone has rolled out of the Mobile World Congress today and its name is the ZTE Skate. … [Read more...]

Droid 3: Bionic With A Keyboard - Wish List


Motorola’s Droid Bionic has got to be one of the most talked about Android smartphones to emerge from CES in Las Vegas. Introducing Verizon’s 4G LTE network the Bionic gains dual-core processing power capable of 2 GHz. … [Read more...]