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"GeoHot" News

Anonymous Officially Abandon Facebook Threat… For Now

[ 0 ] August 19, 2021

We brought you the news last week that firstly Anonymous had a plan to destroy Facebook and then secondly that a large part of the organization had stepped away from this threat. ANON has now confirmed collectively via Twitter that the attack will not go ahead on the scheduled date of Guy Fawkes night, however…

Anonymous Bonfire Facebook Hack Called Off

[ 1 ] August 12, 2021

The last few days have been dominated by the news that hacking group Anonymous are planning to destroy Facebook on Bonfire Night. The world famous group uploaded a video saying that they would bring an end to the popular social networking site. It now seems that this high profile attack has been aborted after Anonymous…

GeoHot Vs Anonymous: November 5th, clash of the hackers?

[ 0 ] August 12, 2021

Over the last few months there has certainly been some activity that will interest most, we have had LulzSec causing havoc around the web, Anonymous doing pretty much the same and ironically now ANON look like they are about to attack Facebook. Could we really have GeoHot Vs Anonymous on November 5th, the clash of…

Facebook Use Initiative: GeoHot… You’re Hired

[ 0 ] June 27, 2021

Some of you may remember the story of why the PSN was taken down, if not here’s a quick recap. Many believe the actions taken on Sony are because they have taken to court a young man who goes by the name of GeoHotz, the kid that hacked his own PS3 and released the jailbreak…

Sony PS3 Hacker GeoHot Sets His Eyes On The Apple iPad 2

[ 8 ] May 2, 2022

GeoHot is a name that will mean something to a few people and nothing to others, it’s the name of a famous hacker George Hotz who is the same guy that has just been dragged through the courts by Sony because he hacked his PS3 and exposed it’s Holy Grail unlock code

GeoHot Not Behind The PSN Outage: Offers Sony Condolences

[ 3 ] April 30, 2022

The Sony world of online gaming has certainly been rocked over the last 10 days. When we first heard about the PSN down everyone thought it was pretty much an unscheduled outage and that it would return to normal service but when that didn’t happen people started to wonder what was going on, unfortunately the…

GeoHot Told To Hand In PS3 Hard Drives

[ 1 ] February 11, 2022

Things seem to heating up in the world of renowned hacker George Hotz AKA GeoHot, following an ongoing court trial with Sony Hotz has been ordered to hand over all of his hard drives that are affiliated with the infamous PS3 hacking.