PlayStation Vita Expanding Experience: Apps for Social Networking

A gaming console that has provoked a big amount of interest is the Sony PlayStation Vita although there was major disappointment when we heard it would not be released until 2012 in the USA and Europe, a disappointment for many. Today we’ve heard more news about the Vita to digest while you’re … [Read more...]

Xbox 360 Tops Again: Best-Selling Console on US Market

Here at OSM we like to keep gaming enthusiasts up-to-date with all the gaming console latest and recently told of an Xbox 360 Star Wars bundle and also asked what our readers most wanted from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720. As far as current consoles go we know that many of you are fans of … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS Flame Red Boost: September Release and Price

Regular OSM readers who are gaming enthusiasts may remember that back in June we gave you news of a Nintendo 3DS red flare edition to be released the next month in Japan. At that time it wasn’t known if this console would also come to the U.S but now we have details of its release and also price. … [Read more...]