IFA 2011 Samsung Reveal: Galaxy Tab 7.7 Now Official - Specs


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet devices keep on coming. Hot on the heels of the Tab 8.9, the newly-announced 8.9 LTE version and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE variant, we now have official news of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 as revealed at IFA 2011 in Berlin. … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2: “Smart View” TV App Connection


We have seen smartphone interaction with TV before, but Samsung have set a new target for others to follow. Their Android app gives you a new level of connection between your handset and smart TV. … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 US Pre-Orders: Plus Price Details

We recently brought you some news of a release date of June 8 and hands-on experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and now we have news for you on pre-orders and also price details. We’re previously given you pre-order information for Australia but this time we have news for the U.S and there’s … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer First Thoughts: iPad 2 Challenger?

With the introduction of Apple's second generation iPad, the tablet market grows ever bigger, with manufacturers vying for that valuable top spot. But what is it that makes one device stand out from another? HTC think that they have a valid contender for the current market leaders with their new … [Read more...]

Galaxy Tab WiFi-Only Release & Price: Official from Samsung


Just as we’ve begun to hear of price reductions for the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G we now have news to give you of the Galaxy Tab WiFi-only version with release and price details. Although we gave you previous news of a rumored release date and price, this latest news is now officially … [Read more...]

Overclocking Your Sprint Galaxy Tab to 1.2GHz: Will You Try It?

We have recently seen a few different devices being overclocked; we have seen a NOOKColor hit 950Mz and a Nexus S hitting 1.4GHz. The most recent reports are that a Galaxy Tab has been overclocked to 1.2 GHz … [Read more...]

CES 2011 Sees Breffo “Spiderpodium” Tablet Stand


With the largest event this year due to kick off in just a couple of days, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas will be inundated with tablet devices. Following up to these tablets, will be a range of accessories designed to make the most of your new media device. … [Read more...]

Samsung Gloria Tablet: Windows 7 Galaxy Tab Alternative


It seems a new Samsung tablet device is on the way following the success of the Samsung Galaxy Tab that has really set itself up as competition for the Apple iPad. A slew of other tablet devices are also on the way including the impressive-looking BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM and also some Acer … [Read more...]

RIM Announce BlackBerry PlayBook To Retail At Under $500

We have spoken before about RIM's offering into the tablet market, giving specs that had become available. The question was if it would be priced competitively enough to offer an alternative to the latest releases from the likes of Samsung. … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Stripped Down Revealing Big Battery Pack

We recently reported on Samsung's Galaxy Tablet being confirmed for release in the UK with a variety of carriers and price plans. Well to give you some more information about Samsung's answer to the Apple iPad, Engadget reported on a glimpse of the internals to the new Tab. It was said that as … [Read more...]

Galaxy Tab At Best Buy: Verizon and Sprint Price Details


For those of you waiting on news of the Samsung Galaxy Tab including pricing, will now want to listen up as it has been seen in a Best Buy promotion. At this stage we know that Best Buy will be selling the Black 3G model incorporating Verizon and the Silver 3G from Sprint, either consisting of a … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Released UK November 1

For those of you out there who are patiently waiting for the release of the new “Samsung Galaxy Tablet”, you will be pleased to learn that it will be hitting the UK on November 1. Recently, here at Online Social Media, we have reported on the device and some of its fantastic features. … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Video Released

We have heard quite a lot in the news about the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet and what to look forward to with its fantastic features but now it seems that Samsung have released an official video. … [Read more...]

IFA 2010 Preview: Samsung Galaxy Tab

For people waiting to hear news on the release of the new Samsung Tablet, a recent announcement has been made by the IFA that we can see it September 3 in Berlin. News of the new Android-based tablet, to be known as the “Galaxy Tab” will please fans of Samsung! … [Read more...]