LG Optimus Q2 Arrival: T-Mobile G2X Outdone?

If the choice of what smartphone to buy wasn’t hard enough, then a new device has now been added to the mix. Bring on the new LG Optimus Q2 as its currently known. Ok, so at the moment it may be hard for many of you to get excited over anything else other than the new iPhone 5 which is rumored … [Read more...]

T-Mobile G2X Problems To Be Fixed By Gingerbread Update

The smartphone market is doing very well at the moment with new models being released such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the subject device of this article the T-Mobile G2X made by LG. We previously reported that people were having a few problems with the device with freezing occurring … [Read more...]

T-Mobile LG G2X Higher Price Adjustment: Wise?

The battle for smartphone supremacy rages on with handsets such as the Galaxy S2, iPhone 4/5, HTC Sensation/EVO 3D, Sharp Aquos SH-12C, Motorola Droid Bionic and so on. But news about the LG G2X running on T-Mobile's network is somewhat confusing. … [Read more...]

HTC Holiday vs Sensation vs Galaxy S2 vs G2x: Dual-Core Victor?

Competition for smartphone supremacy still rages on, but include a dual-core processor into the equation and the tables then begin to turn. In recent weeks, here at OSM we have spoken about a handful of phones that have or are due to be released including this very addition. As well as listing … [Read more...]

HTC Sensation June 8th Release: Announcement Sign Up Page

Following on from the HTC official event in London just over a week ago, many devices were launched including that of the Sensation initially called the Pyramid. … [Read more...]

T-Mobile G2x, Sidekick 4G & G-Slate On Sale Stateside

Good news for all you Android lovers, T-Mobile USA stores are hosting the release of three new devices. The G-Slate, Sidekick 4G and T-Mobile G2x will be taking pride of place on the store shelves. … [Read more...]

G2X: Unboxing The Beast – HTC Sensation A Rival?

When it comes to different cell phones there are a number of them that are already on the market as well as quite a few that are on their way too. Some of the popular ones that seem to be out there at the moment are the Motorola Atrix, the HTC Thunderbolt and of course the HTC EVO 3D … [Read more...]

T-Mobile LG G2x Nvidia Tegra-2 Smartphone: Officially On Sale Now

When it comes to making that all important decision as to what mobile phone you should buy, then the list is endless. Once you have decided whether to buy the handset as a standalone price or on contract, then there's of course the issue of which carrier to go with, what specifications are … [Read more...]

T-Mobile G2x & Sidekick 4G Release: Date & Price Confirmed

A few hours can see big changes in the tech world. It was only earlier today we told of a rumored release date for the T-Mobile G2x in the US of April 15, which came from a leaked document. Now only hours later we have official news of a release date and price for the G2x from LG and also for the … [Read more...]