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"Functionality" News

Facebook: Here's How To Hide Recent Activity

Facebook: Here’s How To Hide Recent Activity

[ 0 ] May 5, 2022

Facebook has become the biggest social network in the world and with that has also become the target of many different malware attacks; some of the ones we have reported on recently include two bouts of Osama Bin Laden laced posts, an email scam and the Twilight game that was also loaded with malware. If [...]

Facebook’s “Like” Button Now Acts As A “Share” Button

[ 0 ] February 27, 2022

After some updates over the past few months, Facebook has practically just killed its “share” button. Do not fear as everyone’s favourite “like button” is taking over the same job.

Twitter Helps You To Find New People To Follow

Twitter Helps You To Find New People To Follow

[ 0 ] July 31, 2021

Twitter is used by lots of people to keep up with what is happening with friends, family, celebrities, and the world. Now Twitter is helping you to discover different people to follow, with a system that they call “Suggestions for You”.