Ford GT 2016 in video reveals V6 EcoBoost beauty

Ford GT 2016 in video reveals V6 EcoBoost beauty pic 1

The new pre-production Ford GT release date is set for late 2016, and this new vehicle has been introduced in a new video released on the Ford Today YouTube Channel. At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show the new GT concept was shown off, which is hopefully going to be the production car going on sale in … [Read more...]

Social awareness on Ford 2015 Lincoln MKC recall

Social awareness on Ford 2015 Lincoln MKC recall pic 2

Ford is all set to recall 13,500 2015 Lincoln MKC vehicles due to SUV’s push-button ignition switch. The Lincoln MKC’s in question are those built from August 20, 2013 to September 9, 2014. The 2015 Lincoln MKC SUV’s were manufactured at the Louisville Assembly Plant. According to a report … [Read more...]

2015 Mustang RTR updates via social media

2015 Mustang RTR updates via social media pic 1

The new 2015 Ford Mustang RTR will be available to Mustang customers around the world, and for all the complete updates on this new RTR model you can follow its social media channels. No point in searching for 2015 Mustang RTR updates when you can just follow the official social media channels. … [Read more...]

2015 Ford Mustang social following

2015 Ford Mustang social following

The new 2015 Ford Mustang release has seen its social media accounts grow rapidly, it seems when new models are announced the social growth on both Facebook and Twitter gains more attention. For those interested in social media and would like to follow the Ford Mustang, which we guess you do, can … [Read more...]

Ford S-MAX Vignale concept social media awareness

Ford S-MAX Vignale concept social media awareness

Ford has shown off the new S-MAX Vignale Concept car at Milan during the Fashion Week, and the social media awareness is huge. Everywhere we look we see both messages and comments on the 2016 Ford Bronco and now the Ford S-MAX Vignale. We know the Ford Bronco was an April Fools’ Day joke, but the … [Read more...]

New 2016 Ford Bronco price tease and Twitter reactions

New 2016 Ford Bronco price tease and Twitter reactions

Social networking with the likes of Twitter and other websites can be socially rewarding, and when April Fool’s Day hit we find many pranks rather funny. But, one particular prank was not found to be funny on Twitter at all, and this was the one covering the new 2016 Ford SVT Bronco. Truck Trend … [Read more...]

Ford Sync bluetooth texting with G1 update v3.2.2


We’ve known for some time that texting whilst behind the wheel has and is still a contributory factor towards some car accidents. The dangers have been made clear by countless campaigns, but showing their support to the cause, car manufacturers Ford have designed a new feature that will be … [Read more...]

Ford Social Media Campaign & Puppet Called Doug - with video


Here at OSM we often report on businesses using social media and how major companies are now using social media for advertising campaigns and earlier today we heard how Coca-Cola is to invest more in social media. We now hear of a new Ford campaign promoting the 2012 Ford Focus that is using … [Read more...]

Ford mobile app for new all-electric Focus - plus video


Earlier today we told you about a revamped Mercedes mbrace app due out in February. Now we hear that Ford’s new all-electric car has been unveiled at CES 2011 and that it will have its own version of the MyFord mobile app. … [Read more...]

Ford Release SYNC Destinations App


In light of the recent bad weather we have just endured, would it have been advisable to have an app that gave us directions to our chosen destination, information on areas that were potential hotspots to avoid and so on? News in today is that a new Ford SYNC Destinations App is now available for … [Read more...]

Ford MyKey: Radio Censorship & Speed Restriction


Parents, select your level of paranoia. Do you have children in their teens that always need to use your car? Perhaps you want to put a few of your worries to rest by restricting some of the things your kids can do in your car … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing and the Ford Motor Company


More and more businesses are recognizing the use of social media to boost sales these days and the giant motor manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, is no exception. It uses social media techniques to both sell and launch cars, one example being when the Ford Fiesta was launched in the U.S. … [Read more...]

Ford’s Social Media Marketing Campaign: Why they succeed

Ford logo

Social Media marketing is a big part of today’s business world. It’s so big that business schools have seen the neccessity to train their students in how to to successfully market via social networks. A good marketing campaign can make the difference between a product success and a product failure. … [Read more...]

2011 Ford Explorer: Official Facebook reveal video


As we reported earlier today on the preview of the new 2011 Ford Explorer, it has given consumers the chance to take a sneaky look at the vehicle before it’s unveiling on the network site Facebook. This has given Ford the opportunity to show their product off to consumers with the help of social … [Read more...]

2011 Ford Explorer: Watch Facebook reveal live

2011 Ford Explorer- Watch Facebook reveal live

The new 2011 Ford Explorer would be unveiled on Facebook – we can now tell you that the reveal will happen live today at 7:40 EDT. If you visit the official Facebook page for the new vehicle you will already see a pre-reveal with Mike Rowe. … [Read more...]

2011 Ford Explorer release Debut via Facebook

2011 Ford Explorer release Debut via Facebook

It looks like the Ford Motor Company will be breaking away from tradition completely, when they introduce a new car next week. Rather than take to an auto show to unveil the redesigned 2011 Ford Explorer, they are unveiling it via Facebook instead. … [Read more...]

Google Maps “Send-To-Car” Feature for Ford and GM

Google Maps Send-To-Car

The Google Maps feature “Send-To-Car” allows users to send their destinations to their vehicles ready for the journey ahead. This is already being done with a range of BMW and Audi vehicles – now it is the turn of Ford and GM. … [Read more...]

Ford Motor Co: Read Facebook updates and Twitter at 70MPH


The more that social media and social networking grows the more people will want to have easy access to it no-matter where they are, however this has set a big challenge for Ford's Infotronics Research & Advanced Engineering team. … [Read more...]