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Christmas Trends: Twitter's hottest 10

Christmas Trends: Twitter’s hottest 10

[ 0 ] December 27, 2021

Over Christmas you expect families to come together to celebrate and lounge about watching TV with a stack of chocolate; however there is always time for tweeting and this has been proved in this week’s chart of top 10 trends. Credit to Mashable for compiling the list of popular topics that have been talked about [...]

Best 2010 Ads: YouTube's Most Watched

Best 2010 Ads: YouTube’s Most Watched

[ 0 ] December 21, 2021

YouTube is a place for just about everything and is not only an unlimited entertainment fest, but also a great place to effectively advertise your goods. We will be running through the most viewed and popular advertisements of the year and I am sure you have seen some of them many times! You may have [...]

Arsenal's "Jack Wilshere" T-Shirt Giveaway For Twitter Fans

Arsenal’s “Jack Wilshere” T-Shirt Giveaway For Twitter Fans

[ 0 ] December 20, 2021

Online social networking site Twitter is growing in user numbers, and for celebrities in particular it is becoming the “must-have” social tool. It gives tweeters the chance to send 140-character messages, announce important events and so on, and the latest star in the public eye is that of Arsenal‘s footballer “Jack Wilshere.” The number 19 [...]

Trending Twitter Topics: The Top Ten

Trending Twitter Topics: The Top Ten

[ 0 ] December 19, 2021

This week’s roundup of the top trends on Twitter is dominated by celebrity and sports as it has been of late. Mashable has compiled the top 10 most talked about topics of the week. To kick things off literally at number 1 is Football/Soccer which has retained its place at the top of the chart [...]

Twitter's Hottest Trends: Top 10 Of The Week

Twitter’s Hottest Trends: Top 10 Of The Week

[ 0 ] December 15, 2021

Last week we saw Twitter’s trends being dominated by bad news and this weeks chart is unfortunately the same but with a sporty theme. Courtesy of Mashable we will be bringing you the most common talking points on the microblogging service as usual.

Whats Trending? Twitter's Top 10

Whats Trending? Twitter’s Top 10

[ 0 ] December 6, 2021

Its that time again, when we bring you the list of what trended on Twitter last week. The top of the chart is dominated by unfortunate events this week, with some of last week’s most popular topics staying strong further down. The chart is compiled by Mashable and with many thanks.

Twitter: 2018 World Cup Hosts Correctly Predicted Before Fifa Votes

[ 0 ] December 3, 2021

England yesterday found out that they had failed in their bid to host the 2018 Fifa World Cup and that Russia would instead have that honour. The whole situation has been described as a fix and Metro has reported that the results were on Twitter, before the official announcement was even made.

Arsenal Won Over Spurs With 2.5 Million Facebook Fans

Arsenal Won Over Spurs With 2.5 Million Facebook Fans

[ 1 ] November 27, 2021

Rivalry between two of London’s biggest football teams, Arsenal and Tottenham HotSpur has always been a topic of conversation. I have to admit being a gunner’s fan myself, news from today has bought a little smile to my face. Reports have indicated that online social networking site Facebook has proved to be a good way [...]

Thanksgiving 2010: Football Schedule Via Apps

Thanksgiving 2010: Football Schedule Via Apps

[ 0 ] November 24, 2021

With Thanksgiving drawing ever closer, we have seen various apps becoming more and more popular such as the iFeast which we reported to you earlier. Well now onto the sports side of things over the festive period. For all of you Football fans out there, the KandlerBros have created an app so that you can [...]

Twitter's hottest 10 trends of the week

Twitter’s hottest 10 trends of the week

[ 0 ] November 22, 2021

Normally each week it is the pop stars that dominate the trends charts on Twitter and that was very much the case last week. However it is a different story this week and we bring you a combo of sports, celebrity and social events courtesy of Mashable who kindly compile the chart.

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