Five reasons Twitter is the darling of financial services

Five reasons Twitter is the darling of financial services

The financial industry is based upon quick decisions and reactions. On the stock market, traders must make decisions in an instant that affect the bank balance of them and thousands of others. So how do they get their information? Traditionally, old media and personal connections would have been the … [Read more...]

Bank strike news in India gains Facebook exposure

Bank strike news in India gains Facebook exposure

The bank strike in India is getting a lot of Facebook exposure at the moment, the latest news reports that eight lakh bank employees started the nationwide strike because they are seeking a new wage agreement. Since the Private, foreign and public sector banks went on strike under the umbrella of … [Read more...]

Facebook Revenues 2011: First Half of Year Sees Double


Facebook remains a hot topic here at OSM and just recently we’ve told how the company has now had one trillion pageviews and no, that’s not a misprint. Although the company recently announced an end for the Facebook Deals marketing tool it doesn’t appear to be a reflection of the popular social … [Read more...]

AT&T Surprised at Decision to Block T-Mobile Merger: Your Thoughts?


Regular OSM readers may remember that back in March we brought you news of AT&T’s intention to buy T-Mobile in a deal worth around $39 billion, which would make AT&T the largest wireless provider in the U.S. We have further news on that intended merger today as the U.S. Justice Department … [Read more...]

Tumblr Growth Most Staggering Yet


We like to keep our readers informed about Tumblr, the microblogging and social sharing service, and over the last few months we told how the share button was launched, about the new look dashboard and most recently how Klout has added Tumblr to its scoring system. Today we have news that Tumblr’s … [Read more...]

Zynga IPO Deferred Due to Stock Market Unease


For some time now we’ve been bringing you news on Zynga, the social gaming experts, and its impending IPO. We told how a low-float IPO was the intention and then brought further news that Zynga was ready to file and also an infographic showing the company’s path to IPO. However, it seems that Zynga … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Resignation & Apple Impact: What About Stock?


Many of you will still be reeling from the news that Steve Jobs has resigned his post as CEO of Apple, handing over the reins to Tim Cook. Health concerns have been ongoing for Mr. Jobs for some time and sadly he considers that it’s now time to pass on the mantle to somebody more fit for the job, … [Read more...]

Skype Acquisition of GroupMe: Expected to Close on Monday


There’s big news today in the group messaging service sector as we have heard of the Skype acquisition of GroupMe, a service that is only one-year-old. So far terms haven’t been revealed but apparently talks have been ongoing for several months while Microsoft was also in negotiations to get hold of … [Read more...]

Stocks and Standard & Poor’s Downgrade: Twitter Takes to Task


The current drops in the stock market are of course a big worry to many people but it seems that Twitter users know exactly who is at fault and have taken Standard & Poor’s to task. Yesterday the stock market took a big hit with NASDAQ and Dow Jones falling between 5 and 7% and Twitter reactions … [Read more...]

Zynga IPO Preparation: Ready to File


Back in May we reported on social gaming specialist Zynga and its imminent plan for an IPO and then more recently told how it was aiming for a low-float IPO, whereby public shares would be limited. Today we have some more news on Zynga’s IPO as it seems the company could be ready to file. … [Read more...]

Zynga IPO Low-Float: Public Shares Limited


We’ve been giving you a lot of news from social gaming experts Zynga lately, with details of the new Empire & Allies game and also telling how Zynga’s IPO (initial public offering) filing was imminent. Now we hear that Zynga is heading towards what is termed a “low-float” IPO where public shares … [Read more...]

Latest Apple Valuation of $317.6 Billion: Exceeds That of Wintel


It’s an enormous day for Apple today as WWDC 2011 kicks off. We’ve already given you an idea what we expect from Steve Jobs’ keynote speech and details of live streaming. Also earlier today we told how Steve Jobs’ biography is now available to pre-order on Amazon. Now in an action-packed few days … [Read more...]

Social Media Over-The-Top Valuations: Tech Bubble Infographic


Here at OSM one of the subjects we write most about is social media and we also enjoy a good infographic. Recent examples where these combined have included Facebook profile photo statistics and another infographic about social asks. Today’s news though looks at whether there is a tech bubble … [Read more...]

Zynga IPO Filing Imminent: Will Trump LinkedIn


We recently told how LinkedIn, the social network aimed at professionals, had undertaken its IPO (initial public offering) and was worth $8.9 billion after the first day of trading as a public company. Now it appears that social gaming specialist Zynga is also heading for an IPO and will certainly … [Read more...]

Twitter and TweetDeck Purchase: Acquisition Reports


Some of you are no doubt fans of Tweetdeck, the desktop and mobile Twitter tool. We recently wrote about a revamp to its iOS version and then earlier this month reported on a possible sale to Twitter worth around $50 million. We can now inform you that acquisition reports have confirmed that the … [Read more...]

LinkedIn IPO $8.9 Billion Value: Twice Opening Price First Day


Back in January we told you that LinkedIn, the social network targeted at professionals, was heading for an initial public offering. We also recently told you about a LinkedIn infographic and that the milestone of 100 million users had been reached. The LinkedIn IPO has now taken place with a … [Read more...]

$100 Billion Facebook Value By Next Spring: IPO Speculation


The incredible phenomenon that is social networking giant Facebook, just keeps marching onwards and upwards. Back in March we told how the company was valued at $65 billion and then just afterwards learned that it had hit its highest value ever. We have now heard that Facebook could in fact, be … [Read more...]

Facebook, Google & Skype: Talks to Purchase or Tie-Up


Big news today is that well-known tech name, Google and social networking giant Facebook, are both in talks to buy or tie-up with Skype, the web video conferencing service. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO has reportedly been involved in moves to purchase or tie-up with Skype and Google has also … [Read more...]

Amazon Business Expanding: Going After Massive Growth


It seems that despite first quarter earnings showing decreased income for Amazon, business is expanding and this appears to be the time that the company is going after massive growth. Sales were up by 38% although income was down, largely due to the expenditure involved in a hiring drive along with … [Read more...]

Facebook IPO: Regulators warn of stock scams


We’re often bringing you news about social networking giant Facebook and sometimes it’s more to do with the business aspect rather than the social aspect. Not long ago we told how Facebook was planning its IPO (initial public offering) next year and more recently we told of Facebook’s meteoric ad … [Read more...]

Forbes Billionaires of the Social Networking World


Here at OSM we have a particular interest in social networking and social media and often talk about the growing impact of such sites. Recently we have also noted the huge valuations of companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Have you ever stopped to think though, about personal fortune, and who … [Read more...]

Twitter Value Now $7.7 Billion: Follows latest shares auction


It was only in January that we brought you the latest valuation on Twitter, the popular social networking site. At that time Twitter was valued at $4 billion, that was one month after it had raised $200 million in funding. Now we hear the staggering news of a new valuation that puts the company’s … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs iPad 2 Announcement & Video: Apple Shares Rise


Here at OSM we’re still buzzing about the launch yesterday of the Apple iPad 2. We’ve already brought you many articles on this including a comparison with other tablets, release date details, a hands-on look, and news of a white iPad 2 version. Now though, we want to focus on one of the major … [Read more...]

Pandora On The Path To IPO: Market heats up


It seems that Pandora, the Internet radio service, is the latest big name heading towards an IPO, after we recently reported similar news for Facebook. After IPO's for Skype and LinkedIn have also been speculated for this year we hear that Pandora has now registered with the Securities and Exchange … [Read more...]

Huffington Post goes to AOL for $315 million


There won’t be many of you who haven’t heard about The Huffington Post, the lifestyle and news website that has a huge amount of followers. There’s big news today as it seems that AOL is to acquire The Huffington Post at a cost of $315 million. … [Read more...]