EA Patches FIFA 12′s Ultimate Team: Solution To Issues

One of the biggest games to release this year was always going to be soccer game FIFA 12, along with Call of Duty: MW3 and of course Battlefield 3. Before the soccer game had even arrived, we knew the anticipation was all too much to bear for some avid fans, with a great many of you voicing your … [Read more...]

FIFA 12 Shoots To Third In UK Release Date Gaming Chart

We all knew that FIFA 12 would do pretty well on its release day, but nobody really thought I would do quite as well as it did. FIFA 12 has shot to third in the UK all time gaming chart for release day sales only falling behind the two Call of Duty titles in Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 making it … [Read more...]

Score With New FIFA 12 On iOS, Out Now

Just a few more hours to go guys until the new footie game FIFA 12 releases itself in the UK. Already available to buy in the US, gamers here have been waiting patiently for its arrival. In the last two days, here at OSM, we've been keen to keep you updated with all the game's news, be it where … [Read more...]

Differences In FIFA 12 UK Prices: Where You Going?

Many of you are no doubt counting the hours down until one of the most anticipated games get released at midnight tonight, yep that's right the new soccer game FIFA 12. Along with this title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 by the end of the year are dubbed to be the three … [Read more...]

FIFA 12 for Mac OS X unleashed, PES 2012 missing

Today we are talking about a game that football fans around the globe have been thinking about for some time, that’s right, FIFA 12. We have a little bit more news about it as it’s now been unleashed on the Mac OS X and as things stand there’s still no sign of its main competitor PES 2012 … [Read more...]

Queuing for FIFA 12 UK Midnight release

Ok, the hours are ticking down until the much anticipated new FIFA 12 game arrives in the UK at midnight on Thursday 29th September. The demo has now been and gone and the general feelings towards the new arrival from gamers was that of a positive one. We know that the new soccer game has already … [Read more...]

Download Full FIFA 12 On Xbox Live Tomorrow- EA Subscribers

FIFA 12 is out in a week and football fans all over the world must be itching with excitement. EA claim that this year's edition will be the best and most advanced ever, the demo backing up these comments. Do you want to play the full version of the game tomorrow? Well you can, because EA are … [Read more...]

Teasing FIFA 12 Demo Waiters On UK PS3

What a day it has been today, first thing this morning we hear that the FIFA 12 demo is going to release on the Xbox 360 and PS3, as expected, but as the day goes on and we get an idea of the release times we also find out that the UK PS3 owners will not get to download the game today. … [Read more...]