Secret Service Question Young Boy Over Facebook Post


Facebook is no doubt the fastest growing social networking site, many people use it on a daily basis in many different ways such as improving their grades. As there are over 7.5 million registered users thought to be under the age of thirteen, it’s imperative that parents must ensure their children … [Read more...]

Facebook Security Update: Keeping You Safe From Scams and Spam


Something that has been pretty big news in the world of social media and especially social networking is the sheer number of spam and scams that are hitting the Facebook. The people behind the spamming and scamming are generally trying to get some commission by making you click on something … [Read more...]

Facebook Security Update: Symantec Says Change Your Password Now


As social networking is bigger now then it has ever been sites like Twitter and Facebook have become the ideal target for would be scammers and hackers, in previous posts we have already brought you examples of this like the person who lost thousands in a Facebook scam and when Ashton Kutcher had … [Read more...]

New Report Suggests That 7.5 Million Facebook Users Are Underage


With the use of social networking on the increase everyday it is no wonder that sites like Facebook could be worth in excess of $100 billion by next spring, this increase in value could be down to the rise in people that are using mobile devices to update their posts. … [Read more...]

Should You Post Pictures Of Your Children On Facebook?


There are many uses of Facebook, some of them are to do with the fans pages that you see which are great for businesses and brands and then there’s the new Facebook Deals that have been introduced. With deals they are looking to compete directly with the likes of Groupon and Foursquare … [Read more...]

Facebook Privacy Policy: New Terms easier To Understand

As we have said before nearly everyone in the world revolve their lives around social networking sites, with high use of these sites it’s important that we understand the T & C’s when deciding to dive into the world of social networking. … [Read more...]

Facebook Security Update: Personal Data At Risk Again

Facebook is used by most for keeping in touch with friends and family throughout the world, without social networks like Facebook keeping in touch would be a little more difficult but as you all know, the instant messaging side of things is creeping up the popularity scale … [Read more...]