Facebook bug bounty program pays $1.3m

Facebook bug bounty program pays $1.3m pic 1

There are millions of hackers in the world and majority want to bring a service down, or wage a war to prove they can hurt. But thanks to the Facebook bug bounty program the social media network has paid out millions of dollars to what people known as 'white hat' hackers. In 2014 alone bounties … [Read more...]

Facebook down: password change after internal fault

Facebook password change after internal fault

Earlier on today Jan 27, Facebook went down and hackers Lizard Squad claimed responsibility. It has now been confirmed it was not anything to do with hackers but an internal configuration fault. To put it in plain terms the Facebook outage was self-inflicted, the social media site went down for … [Read more...]

Facebook hoax killer with a false news story setting

Facebook hoax killer with a false news story setting pic 1

Facebook is always full of hoaxes and articles, news stories can be false and just a joke, you know like ‘The Onion’. But Mark Zuckerberg and team at Facebook have added a new option in the 'Help Us Understand What's Happening' settings to show fewer hoaxes. You could say the Facebook cleaning … [Read more...]

Crayola Facebook status after offensive content hack

Crayola Facebook status after offensive content hack pic 1

The Crayola Facebook page was hacked by an unknown group this weekend and posts were being posted with an offensive nature. Crayola’s social media page has many pictures with sexual innuendos as well as links to R-rated sites. The Facebook page has 2,448,895 followers so you can just imagine how … [Read more...]

Facebook contest survey scam warning

Facebook contest survey scam warning

There are many Facebook scams out there and sometimes people fall for the trap. One contest scam tried to trick a user from Springfield, so much so the apparent Jihaddist caller said they were going to blow the mans house up. Many contests on Facebook show that you could win a holiday, money, a … [Read more...]

Facebook login payment determines age

Facebook login payment determines age main pic

Facebook is the largest social media network with over 1.3 billion active users, with Q2 2014 revenue of $2.9b. But, how can Facebook determine if users are 13 and over without doing some hard checks? The answer is they cannot do hard checks, do you really think Mark Zuckerberg and team will walk … [Read more...]

Facebook tracking opt out

Facebook glass

To sign up to Facebook you have to agree with its terms & conditions, granted that is the correct thing to do. But, they do state they have permission to track its users and they can opt out. Everyone knows when you sign up to a new social media network service you have to agree to its terms & … [Read more...]

New Facebook scams in 2014

New Facebook scams in 2014

So many Facebook scams in 2014 have been a little worrying even though at first they all seem innocent enough, but these are social scams to lure users in to gain money or access to computers. One particular Facebook scam this year was the "Robin Williams goodbye video", which was apparently made … [Read more...]

Users unblock Facebook from school by proxy

Users unblock Facebook from school by proxy

Thanks to our website being dedicated towards social media, we receive a lot of requests and are able to track social trends including an increase in people wanting to know how to unblock Facebook from their school by proxy. This isn't something new, but we've seen an increased demand throughout … [Read more...]

Nikko and Mimi Faust Facebook video scam warning

Nikko and Mimi Faust Facebook video scam warning

Facebook users have to be very careful these days; so many people are opening Facebook videos and not realizing they are entering a scam. One to look out for is the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars video starring Nikko and Mimi Faust. The Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith Facebook video we reported a … [Read more...]

Facebook status updates lures robbers

Facebook status updates to robbery victim

Facebook can be a place of social networking bliss where you can chat with friends, read status posts etc from friends and family. But, in some rare cases Facebook can lead to turmoil, such as cyber-bullying and even robbery. One particular Facebook status post was blamed for a house robbery, one … [Read more...]

Facebook Use Initiative: GeoHot… You’re Hired


Some of you may remember the story of why the PSN was taken down, if not here’s a quick recap. Many believe the actions taken on Sony are because they have taken to court a young man who goes by the name of GeoHotz, the kid that hacked his own PS3 and released the jailbreak code on his website. Now … [Read more...]

EU Commission Say Facebook Need To Protect Minors Privacy


It seems very fair to say that Facebook is currently one of the most popular brands in the world today, with a possible transition to an IPO just around the corner and a members list of nearly 700 million users worldwide things seem to be going really well for the social network. … [Read more...]

Facebook Phishing Alert: Bogus CNN Video


Here at OSM one of our biggest goals over the last few months has been to try and keep our readers up to date with all the latest Facebook scams/viruses and malware, in our quest to make everyone of you guys out there aware of these we have brought you news on a number of these. … [Read more...]

LulzSec: Pulls Down Various Site Info - Tips Hat At Facebook


Since mid April some of the biggest news on the web surrounds hacking and exploitation of different things mainly because of the actions taken against Sony by a hacker group. Sony claims it was ANON who did the deed although you would have thought they would have gloated in victory at Sony … [Read more...]

How To Opt Out Of Facebook Auto-Tagging Facial Recognition


We recently reported an article about how Facebook Auto-Tagging for your photos has gone live globally and also that it’s got a few privacy concerns attached to it. These are currently only concerns as nothing lucrative has been told of and Facebook has admitted that they perhaps should have told … [Read more...]

FaceNiff Android App: Facebookers Beware Of Hijacking


Over the last few weeks here at OSM we have been keeping all of our readers up to date with all the latest Facebook scams and viruses, in our previous posts we have brought you news on many of these scams such as the Facebook email phishing and the free presents website error scam. … [Read more...]

Another Facebook Scam: The World Funniest Condom Commercial


We at OSM have been regularly reporting on some of the things on Facebook that you should be aware of that you perhaps don’t know about or haven’t been told of. At the moment despite Facebook’s best efforts there’s still a lot of it getting through so we want to raise awareness of it … [Read more...]

Facebook Safety: Meet The Team & Keep Your Family Safe Online


When it comes to Facebook we have been reporting various news including a few different cases of Facebook scams such as the apparent addition of the Dislike button, the Amazing Effect – Web Camera like-jacking scam and of course the apparent introduction of Facebook digits which doesn’t actually … [Read more...]

Facebook Scam/Virus: Website Error Offers Free Presents


In the last few months here at OSM we have been trying to keep our readers up to date with all the latest malware, virus’s and scams circulating Facebook, in recent posts we have brought you news on a number of these including the 450 free Facebook credits, the HCG diet and why you shouldn’t eat … [Read more...]

Teacher Loses Tenure Due To Inappropriate Facebook Posts


As great as Facebook is it seems that teachers would be better off to stay clear from using all of the services that the social networking site has to offer, we have brought you an abundance of stories in the past about these individuals badmouthing their students and even mocking their hairstyles. … [Read more...]

Another Facebook Scam: Have You Heard Of HCG diet?


In the last few months here at OSM we have seen a dramatic increase in scams and malware exploding onto Facebook, in the past we have brought you news on the Facebook dislike button scam and the verify my account scam. … [Read more...]

Reporter Gets Arrested Over Stolen Facebook Photos


If you’re an avid user of social networking site Facebook it’s always good to have your wits about you every time you log on, this is best practice if you don’t want to find yourself in trouble like the young boy who was visited by secret services or the thirteen year-old schoolgirl who was … [Read more...]

FBI Warns Women Over 50 Of Social Network Con Artists


As the use of sites like Facebook grow and grow on a daily basis it’s no wonder that social networking is starting to influence the way in which people live their lives, whether they are naming their child after it’s like button or organizing reunions through its interface the influence seems to be … [Read more...]

School Girl Suspended Over Osama Facebook Post


Facebook is as we all know the biggest and most popular social networking site on the planet, with so many millions of people logging on every day the way in which the site is used is very much varied, from Kleenex helping allergy sufferers to Parents taking inspiration for their babies name … [Read more...]