Remove new Facebook Stickers with Unsticker Me

Do you like the new Facebook Stickers? If the answer is no and you are not into making people smile, or the fact is you think they are just tacky and pointless, how about the ability to remove them. You can now get shot of those new Facebook Stickers in comments, and all you need to do is get the … [Read more...]

Facebook stickers now in web comments

A new Facebook update now allows users to use Facebook stickers within web comments, which have been highly popular on the Messenger app for sometime now within group messages and personal chats. But now the Facebook's stickers can be used on your wall via the web-version of the social media … [Read more...]

Facebook verified profile within comments

Facebook verified profile within comments

Facebook verified profiles within comments it seems is the right thing to do, adding the blue tick within a comment provides users with authenticity. The Facebook verified profile blue tick is not only for celebrities but also public figures, and though many profile pages do not have a tick it … [Read more...]

Crystal Cruises Facebook reports Serenity 2014 repairs

Crystal Cruises Facebook reports Serenity 2014 repairs

Crystal Cruises' Serenity ship was sailing from Spain to Monte Carlo in the Mediterranean when a rouge wave hit the ship and smashed windows, which cause slight damage to the main dining room according to the official Facebook page. The 1,070-passenger Crystal Serenity was hit by the wave on … [Read more...]

Versace’s Facebook Page Ban Comments To Stop Protesters


As we all know, Facebook is a place where you can have your thoughts heard as well as make connections with just about everyone and everything. Some people can use the social network as a hub for a good old protest and that is something fashion brand Versace has just experienced. In fact they were … [Read more...]

Teacher Uses Facebook To Mock Student


Here at OSM we like to keep you up to date with all the latest news from the world of social networking, we have recently brought you posts about the man who updated Facebook to stop a robbery and the guy who was arrested after posing as a cop on Facebook. … [Read more...]

Lawsuit Ends Over Sacked Woman’s Facebook Comments

A woman who was sacked by her company due to her comments over Facebook has ended her lawsuit, Dawnmarie Souza was fired by her employer (a Connecticut ambulance company) because of rude comments she made about her employees on the social networking site. … [Read more...]

Facebook Update: 3rd Party Commenting System Coming

Facebook is the biggest social networking site on the web. Its stats boast more than 500 million users with more than half of them performing daily activities. We have recently been reporting on different aspects of Facebook and things that go on in its world such as the Facebook Place deals that … [Read more...]