Eagles Of Death Metal Facebook campaign for Save a Prayer

Eagles Of Death Metal Facebook campaign for Save a Prayer pic 1

Eagles Of Death Metal fans were at a concert at the Bataclan when Paris came under attack including those at the gig, and to support those affected a new Eagles Of Death Metal Facebook campaign for Save a Prayer has begun. EoDM and the fans were in the middle of the terrifying acts in Paris this … [Read more...]

Facebook audio file recording button upgrade

Facebook audio file recording button need

There are so many questions people want to ask Mark Zuckerberg, and because of this he set up the ‘Q&A; with Mark’. But, one question that sticks out the most, which was not mentioned in the video below, is “Will Facebook ever incorporate audio file recording and sharing?” Facebook users can share … [Read more...]

ISPCA Love Your Pets social media campaign

ISPCA Love Your Pets social media campaign

ISPCA is a non-profit organisation and between October 4th until the 10th they are launching its new ‘Love Your Pets’ social media campaign, which can be followed on Facebook. The ‘Love Your Pets’ social media campaign is all about raising social awareness on Twitter using the hashtags … [Read more...]

Iranian women’s rights movement to remove hijabs

Iranian womens rights movement to remove hijabs

In many countries there are dress codes that means women have to by law cover their heads with hijabs, Iran is one of these countries and the hijab is not ever-present in urban areas before the Revolution. But not wearing these can lead to imprisonment and or lashings. Iranian women are now … [Read more...]

Conchita Wurst Eurovision 2014 winner defeats Facebook campaigners

Conchita Wurst Eurovision 2014 winner defeats Facebook

A facebook page titled ‘NEIN zu Conchita Wurst beim Song Contest’ (In English - at the Song Contest) has gained a massive 36,658 likes, but this was a lot higher before Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen. The Austrian Facebook page was set up 10 September 2013, … [Read more...]

Facebook will charge to send some messages

Facebook will charge to send some messages

Mark Zuckerberg has a very successful social media site and multi-billionaire fortune, but it looks like more money could be making its way into the Facebook account. The latest Facebook news reports that account holders may be charged up to a staggering £10 to send some messages. Sky News … [Read more...]

TomTom & Chris Kamara Team Up In A Hilarious YouTube Clip


Satellite navigation systems have become one of those technological products that we are becoming more and more reliant on. We know that sometimes if you haven’t updated the maps on it then from time to time they can lead you to a field or into the middle of nowhere but if they are kept up to date … [Read more...]

France Say No To Facebook Bullies


When the video of poor Casey Heynes aka The Punisher hit the internet it had many disbelieving how brazen bullies can be, it now seems long gone are the days of bullies restricting their movements to the playground and they are now venturing online and becoming cyberbullies. … [Read more...]

Battlefield 3 Facebook Campaign: Likes Unlocks Video


Facebook has been used in all sorts of ways such as the way Ron Paul is using the social network to sell his house, Coca-Cola investing more in social media as well as big brands such as ASOS and FCUK moving towards a more social media orientated approach … [Read more...]

Barack Obama In “Facebook DC Live” Anti-Bullying Message


One of the many issues President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle are trying to address, is the problem of cyber-bullying. We have known for some time that this is an issue that has to be looked at and with so many people now using the world wide web, it seems the problem is rising. … [Read more...]

Facebook Ad Tricks Teens Trying To Fake Their Age


Facebook is the biggest social network on the Internet and as we reported earlier today, more and more youngsters are joining it. We reported that more than half the 12-year olds in the U.S. are Facebooking and with that being the case there are a few cunning things that Facebook ads are doing … [Read more...]

Oreo Set To Rule Facebook With Like World Record


With social networking being used to achieve many things it seems the newest trend is record breaking, the world’s favourite cookie Oreo is asking all its fans to help them set a new world record, with the help of it's 16 million fans it hopes to achieve the record of most likes on Facebook. … [Read more...]

Facebook Search For New Levi’s Girl - Could It Be You?


Facebook has been used in various ways since it began, you can do brand marketing, advertisement and all sorts of other crazy things. David Beckham recently announced that his wife Victoria is pregnant over Facebook, it has been used to find a missing girl and it has even been used for Jay-Z and … [Read more...]