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"Epic Rap Battle Of History" News

Epic Rap Battle of History 12: Dr Seuss VS Shakespeare

[ 0 ] August 22, 2021

YouTube is a great place where people can express themselves in any way they want, some choose to cook and eat masses of food (Epic Meal Time), whilst others choose to showcase their amazing dog tricks. One person is slightly different to the rest, his name is nicepeter and he is behind the Epic Rap…

Epic Rap Battles Of History 11: Gandalf vs Dumbledore

[ 2 ] July 15, 2021

For those of you who are regular readers of OSM you will already be aware that we report on various viral YouTube videos. Now we have another one to tell you about from the Epic Rap Battles of History, this is the 11th rap and it’s a battle of Wizardry… Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Epic Rap Battles of History 10: Ben Franklin vs Billy Mays

[ 3 ] June 24, 2021

YouTube has become a place where people can express themselves in many ways; it can be a prank on a friend, a prank on a number of friends or even a soldier dancing like Carlton. There’s even space for NicePeter to carry on making his sketches like the Epic Rap Battles of History 10 which…

Epic Rap Battles of History 9: Napoleon vs Napoleon

[ 1 ] May 19, 2022

When it comes to YouTube videos we have certainly brought you some of the best side splitting ones there are that feature on the site. The majority of them are ones that are going or have gone viral racking up a huge number of hits in a short space of time. The next one will…

Epic Rap Battles Of History 8: YouTube Easter Special

[ 0 ] April 20, 2022

When it comes to the latest in YouTube videos or ones that are a certainty to go viral, we at OSM like to compile a report for you to have a look and tell us your feelings about them. A popular series that we have reported on the majority of their videos is the Epic…

Epic Rap Battles Of History 7: Latest YouTube Viral Video

[ 1 ] March 30, 2022

We at OSM have reported on quite a few videos from YouTube that have gone viral such as the world’s greatest footballer Zidane toying with a young goalkeeper, Emerson the baby who is scared of his Mom’s nose being blown and of course the Apple iPad 2 featuring in an episode of ‘Will It’ Blend.’

Justin Bieber Vs. Beethovan: Epic Rap Battles Of History

[ 0 ] March 5, 2022

As our regular readers will know we cover many of the YouTube viral videos but we probably don’t even scratch on the surface of the number of them out there. Within recent reports you will see ones such as the Funny Foul Shot Blooper, the Devils & Angels Family Feud clip and the last Epic…

Epic Rap Battles Of History: YouTube - Hulk Hogan Vs Jong-Il

[ 0 ] February 8, 2022

We at OSM cover as many viral YouTube clips as we possibly can, purely for your own entertainment. Some of the great ones that we have seen recently include the mini-darth vader using the force around the house for the VW Super Bowl advert, the new aqua jetpack and also the New Old Spice Guy…