LinkedIn employment history lawsuit

LinkedIn employment history lawsuit

LinkedIn have been issued with a class-action lawsuit in California, the professional social network is being accused of violating federal consumer protection laws to do with employment history. The lawsuit suggests LinkedIn have violated users rights by selling employment history information to … [Read more...]

Social Media Jobs & Getting Your Foot In the Door - Infographic


Here at OSM one of our favorite ways of digesting information is with an infographic and two of our recent examples have been about the impact of the MTV Video Music Awards on social media and another on job searching and recruiting with social media. This new infographic is also about jobs and … [Read more...]

How To Source Potential Employees Using Social Media

Social Media Startup employment

Starting your own business can be difficult, and one of the hardest parts of the process is finding the right people to employ. In today’s market there are more people than there are jobs, so making sure that you select the best people to help you get your business started is essential. Whilst you … [Read more...]

Monster Job Search Functionality Spreads to Facebook - BeKnown


Employment site Monster is spreading its job search functionality to Facebook with an app called BeKnown, which is due to go live today (Monday). The app will allow users to set up professional networks and import data to Facebook and will also be targeted at recruiters. … [Read more...]

Want A Job At Google? Easier Interview Process Now


Have you ever dreamed about the perfect job working for a billion dollar company? Well that dream could soon become a reality as Google has announced it is going on a recruitment drive and getting a job has become easier! … [Read more...]

Does Facebook put your job at risk? Another worker fired


Facebook brings alot of things to people's lives but one of the worst and increasing things is unemployment. The social network has caused another employee to get fired after they posted comments about their work on the site. … [Read more...]

Facebook is free speech and employees are safe from the sack


When an employee posts negative or rude comments on the internet about their boss, job or workplace, in the past that would be a valid reason to dismiss the employee. However a federal agency has declared that Facebook posts are legally protected speech and it is no longer acceptable to dismiss for … [Read more...]

Google: Employees Get A Raise + Cash Holiday Bonus


If you are currently working for search engine Google, then you are in for a treat just in time for the holiday season. For the company has just awarded it's employees not only a 10% salary increase but a $1,000 cash holiday bonus. Can't be bad! … [Read more...]

Employers use Social Networking to check up on staff


So you’re at work, or of course at home, and occasionally (a lot,) using a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook to keep on top of your social life but have you ever thought of the implications of doing so for your career, or the legal implications involved. … [Read more...]

LinkedIn: Jobs, economic downturn, and Canada key for growth

LinkedIn- Jobs, economic downturn, and Canada key for growth

As we struggle to fight our way out of this economic downturn, we still cannot get around the fact that more people are trying to compete for the same job. Getting that job has now become more difficult – a result of more competition. … [Read more...]