Egyptian Revolution: Book to Tell the Story Through Tweets


Here at OSM we’ve been following the recent unrest, uprisings and revolutions spreading across the Middle East and Africa and earlier today we told readers about an Al Jazeera Twitter Dashboard that has been set up to keep people up-to-date with events going on in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen. … [Read more...]

Egypt Protests: Internet partly restored - not Twitter & Facebook


Here at OSM we’ve brought you many articles about the ongoing protests in Egypt and our most recent posts include a story about access to the Internet being bIocked, a request for social media help in reporting the situation and then yesterday a report on how social media companies were finding ways … [Read more...]

YouTube video from 8-year-old spells it out to Egypt’s President Mubarek


We’ve been following the news about the protests in Egypt and recently reported how Twitter had been blocked in Egypt. Then just yesterday we told how the Internet had now also been blocked in the country and how President Mubarek was being urged to restore access to it for the people. … [Read more...]