The Pope Francis Google Plus hangout today on education

The Pope Francis Google Plus hangout today on education pic 1

The Pope Francis will be holding a Google Plus Hangout today on building bridges with children. The G Plus Hangout will start at 15:00 WET (4pm CET) today February 5, 2015. Reaching out, The Pope will be talking with students about technology and education, everyone is more than welcome to join … [Read more...]

Ebola alert, symptoms educated on Twitter

Ebola alert, symptoms educated on Twitter main pic

The deadly Ebola virus is rather worrying and the public are even visiting social media sites such as Twitter to learn more about it. Twitter users are looking for Ebola answers, some are worried they are vulnerable, but majority are looking for the Ebola Symptoms. But Twitter is a very hard … [Read more...]

Apple’s iPad school take over


The use of iPad tablets in schools is by no means a new concept, previously here at OSM, we’ve spoken about how the popular device is being introduced into the classroom for teachers and pupils alike. But what we found interesting is that of a recent survey which shows how the iPad slate is being … [Read more...]

Beat Rising Tuition Fees With Groupon’s New Discount: 60% Off Uni!


Groupon is a handy service to use if you are looking for discounts on restaurants and day trips, but what if you are looking to save on some of the more expensive things? One of the most expensive things today is University education, so Groupon for the first time has partnered with an institution … [Read more...]

Teachers Tormented Online: Actions Of Parents & Children


In the past when we've spoken about the topic of cyber bullying, the news tends to emphasize on the younger generation, but news today has stated that a dramatic rise has been seen amongst teachers being targeted particularly from parents. … [Read more...]

Teachers Monitoring Student’s Facebook Accounts - Good Or Bad?


When you think about some of the stupid things that people have done on Facebook and been caught you might think that others would get the message and not imitate the same stupidity on their own pages. Wrong, it’s happening everywhere all the time. Only earlier today OSM’s Mike Smith added a report … [Read more...]

Teacher Loses Tenure Due To Inappropriate Facebook Posts


As great as Facebook is it seems that teachers would be better off to stay clear from using all of the services that the social networking site has to offer, we have brought you an abundance of stories in the past about these individuals badmouthing their students and even mocking their hairstyles. … [Read more...]

Facebook & Teachers: Dangers of Social Networking Cautioned


We’ve written several times recently about the implications of social media on the educational world, from students being advised about posts on Facebook to a story from Ontario where teachers were advised to have no contact with students on Facebook and then most recently about social media vs. … [Read more...]

Social Media Vs. Education: Further Developments On Facebook


When it comes to Social Media, it is certainly expanding further and faster than many people would have once imagined. Now if you aren’t utilizing social networking in your business you could be seen to be ‘behind the times’ although we are sure that some companies don’t use it are still successful … [Read more...]

Facebook Teachers vs Students: No Contact Advised


Online social networking site Facebook is proving quite the contender in terms of subscribers. Rivals against Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, Mark Zuckerberg's site now sees a whooping 600 million active users. For many, the site offers a way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, get invited … [Read more...]

Skype In The Classroom: A Skype Network For Teachers

Skype logo

Technology advances at a rapid rate, and governments in charge of education are struggling to keep up. In an age where pupils spend much of their time on Facebook, and where schoolyard issues are often broadcasted to the entire world, teachers are faced with a challenge- how to adapt their teaching … [Read more...]

Facebook “AdmissionSplash” App: Tells Students Likelihood Of College Placement


For some high school students, the concept of applying for a college placement let alone the added worry afterwards of getting a place, could possibly leave them feeling apprehensive, scared, anxious and so on, but today with the help of a new Facebook app that may be about to change. … [Read more...]

Student Suspended For Poking Fun At Podgy Professor On Facebook


Apologies for our alliterative title but we couldn’t resist. There has been a case of a student doing a spot of name calling on the largest social networking site in the world, Facebook. Surely you would think that nasty comments might just get back to the person and let’s be honest it’s a bit … [Read more...]

Students On Facebook: Be Careful When And What You Post


Facebook has become one of the largest companies in the world, even more so since its investment from Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies. It has also become what some may call a great ‘Snooping’ tool … [Read more...]

Kno 14-inch Tablet: Shipments Arriving This Week


Were you one of a group of customers to pre-order your 14.1-inch single or dual-screen Kno tablet textbooks? If you are, then you will be pleased to learn that the first batch of devices is now being shipped out this week, with the view of other deliveries to follow in the next few weeks. … [Read more...]

What’s The Next Social Networking Trend: Recent Study


With an increase in various available internet services including those of social networking sites, there is an emphasis to entice different groups of people of all ages particularly those of students onto these sites. Recently, it has come to light that sites such as Facebook are becoming so … [Read more...]

SMART Exchange Website For Education


News has come through today that “SMART Exchange Website," the site which provides some 40,000 classroom-based resources that can be previewed and downloaded, will now, with the help of USA Today Education, be supplying current events data for the academic school year 2010-2011. SMART Exchange … [Read more...]

Social media classroom tools: 7 of the best


The use of social networking and social media in educational establishments can be a really positive asset, such as the new Universities on Facebook page, although sometimes some hurdles for teachers have to be overcome, for instance where the line should be drawn about communicating with their … [Read more...]

LinkedIn: Launch New “Career Explorer”


Since LinkedIn was launched in 2003, the business-oriented social networking site has had more than 75 million registered users in over 200 countries. As a extra string to its bow the site has introduced a new feature for the recently graduated. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Put On Trial In Australian Schools


Apple’s iPad tablet has swept across educational facilities across Australia, in a bid to try out this latest technological device. A number of schools such as Kinross College, Ashdale Secondary College, Ballajura Community College and John Curtin College of the Arts are all in the process of … [Read more...]

Universities on Facebook Page: Connect and communicate


It’s that time of year again, when millions of students head back to the classroom and there’s news today that Facebook has built a Page full of resources and useful information for students, both starting and returning, to college and university. The use of social media for university and … [Read more...]

Best iPhone Apps to help prepare for school


It’s that time of year again, when the autumn is coming, and school or college is calling. Yes, it’s back to school time shortly and after students have had the summer vacation it can sometimes be difficult to get back into the right frame of mind for study. … [Read more...]

Schools Struggle With Social Networking Policies

In America, children all over the country are ending their summer vacations and getting back into the swing of full time education. During their holiday, they have probably been enjoying the use of social networks to keep in touch with their friends, and now that they are back in school their … [Read more...]

Social Media Growth Forces B-schools to Add Courses

Twitter 250

In today’s modern world anything that can get you a step above your competition is vital. With the advent of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter comes a new revenue source, a different way to do business and make money. … [Read more...]

Social Media and Twitter: Universities Embrace


With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter competing for the top spot, it comes as no surprise that any new ideas put forward could potentially benefit these sites and bring in more numbers of users. In today’s society, people are found texting on their mobile devices, using Twitter to … [Read more...]