eBay problems today frustrating users

eBay problems today is frustrating users

eBay has been having problems today since 4:35 AM EST and users are somewhat frustrated at the moment, with majority asking the same question with "What is going on eBay?" We have seen many tweets coming in, with eBay users complaining about the online auction site having major issues. Some are … [Read more...]

UK Barn Finds Facebook page for cars

UK Barn Finds Facebook page for cars

Barn-Finds.co.uk is not being updated as much as its Facebook page, and for those looking for a car etc that has been locked away for many years this UK Barn Finds social media page is most definitely for you. Many cars around the UK have been left to rust with many being able to be restored to … [Read more...]

eBay problems today, not working or slow

eBay problems today, not working or slow

Big problems with eBay is occurring right now, the popular auction website is down in Europe. We have noticed eBay UK being down but not too sure about eBay USA, many are reporting many towns in the UK are having problems accessing the website. As far as we can see the problem is affected on both … [Read more...]

Pinterest-like eBay Collections release for UK

When it comes to great looking social networking sites we have to all agree Pinterest looks fantastic, it has a clean look just like Google Plus and we love them. It must be catching because the new Pinterest-like eBay Collections UK release is here. When you look at the new UK ‘eBay Collections’ … [Read more...]

Tablet PC and eReaders Outselling PCs on eBay: Surprised?


The tablet PC is a rejuvenated item that has become extremely popular since Apple introduced the first iPad into the market. They dominated it in terms of sales with only a few alternatives getting any kind of share of the profits, now there are a number of different manufacturers finding success … [Read more...]

White iPhone 4 Crazy Ebay Bidding: Prototype Not Legitimate

With the “not so elusive” White iPhone 4, I cannot believe I'm actually saying that, due to release this coming week at various retailers such as the Apple Store, rumors of Three and so on, it seems some of you cannot wait that long to grab your very own handset. … [Read more...]

eBay To Buy Out Rival For $2.6 Billion


Online ecommerce giant eBay has announced that it will aquire one of its rivals for a tidy $2.6 billion. GSI Commerce will be bought out by the buy sell and online auction site, it was announced early on Monday. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Bid War Begins: £124,000 On eBay

With the recent unveiling and launch of the iPad 2, it has been a frantic rush for those who want to be the first to get their hands on Apple's 2nd generation tablet. As normal the demand is higher than the supply and we have already seen ridiculous sale prices on eBay. … [Read more...]

Twitter & Comic Relief Celebrities “Follow” Twitrelief


This year's charity event “Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2011” is set to take place on the 18th March. Many people across the country will be getting involved be it, sitting in a bath of beans, dressing up, sponsored head shave and so on. But this time around, celebrities have joined forces with … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Play: Grab Yours Now On eBay

One of the biggest devices on its way to you this year, is that of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, or PlayStation Phone as its referred to. Initial rumors from last year led up to its official unveiling at MWC last month and its abundantly clear that we have a fantastic phone coming. As well as … [Read more...]

Ebay Beats Apple In Top 50 Brands In Social Media


When we talk about social media brands auction site eBay is not the first thing that normally comes to mind, it would appear that this is not the case as the auction site has just beaten iPhone giant Apple in a league of the top 50 brands in social media. … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 4 & iPad: Most Searched For Items on eBay

Apple’s dominance in 2010 was pretty amazing, the iPhone 4 cleared up the smartphone market and then the iPad came in and wiped out the competition in the tablet market. Now we are learning that the pair were the two most searched for items on eBay. The online retailer eBay is still a … [Read more...]

eBay Buys Milo’s: Online and Offline Shopping United

Milo has been bought by online retailing giants eBay, this brings together online and offline shopping to perhaps become something new. The pair being intertwined will allow them to learn from each other and enhance future profits, although with eBay being as huge as it is possibly doesn’t need any … [Read more...]

eBay launch new iPhone app: Buying, selling and scanning


eBay has today announced that is has released version 2.0 of its main iPhone app. The new version appeared on the app store last Friday and is available for download today. … [Read more...]

Google New e-commerce Site: Capabilities And Components

I think it is fair to say that when somebody says the word Google, the first thing that pops into your mind will not be glamour and fashion. In fact its most probably the big colourful letters and a computer that you think of first. … [Read more...]

Xbox Kinect UK: Shortage Prove Hard To Get Your Hands On One

Microsoft's Xbox Kinect which has already seen record amounts sold in America, is due to be hitting UK shelves in just a few days. But with the forthcoming Xbox “controller-free” accessory to be snapped up by avid gamers, there may not be enough to go around? … [Read more...]

Twitter: Talk To A Celebrity Via “TwitChange” For A Donation


Whether or not you are fan of online social networking site “Twitter”, you may be interested to hear of a new idea that could get you talking with your favorite celebrity! For now, news has been announced of “TwitChange”. A new and creative idea has launched today that allows users to donate money … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 creates surge of old iPhones at eBay and recyclers

The latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4, has certainly been hitting the headlines after the problems with the reception and antenna design, (see article here), but there has also been another impact of the iPhone 4 release. It seems it has led to an influx of old phones heading to eBay and recyclers, … [Read more...]