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"EA" News

Battlefield 3: Thunder Run Tank Gameplay Trailer Goes Viral

[ 0 ] June 9, 2021

So far E3 2011 has been fantastic with Microsoft showing off what the Kinect can really do, Sony naming their brand spanking new handheld console the PS Vita and Nintendo wowing everyone by showing off and naming their new static console the Nintendo Wii U

The Sims Going Social on Facebook: E3 2011 News

[ 1 ] June 7, 2021

We’ve already been bringing you a ton of gaming news from E3 and just a few posts include the new Xbox 360 limited edition Gears of War console, a look at the Sony PS Vita and news of a Resistance 3 bundle. Now we have details of the hugely popular game The Sims, which is…

Facebook Changing Virtual Purchase Method-Developers Unhappy

[ 0 ] January 26, 2022

Facebook has announced that it is changing the method in which virtual goods and applications are purchases, and it has raised corcern for games developers. Facebook Credits which are sold in most gaming stores over the world are now becoming the default payment method for all Facebook related purchases. Previously developers could charge separately and…

iPhone Gets 59p Apps From EA Store For “Limited-Time” Only

[ 0 ] December 20, 2021

Electronic Arts has released its super Christmas sale for iPad and iPhone games, slashing prices of some of the top 60 games down to just 59p.

Social Gaming Review Roundup: What You Need To Know

Social Gaming Review Roundup: What You Need To Know

[ 0 ] December 6, 2021

Social Gaming is on the rise and gaming companies are beginning to focus their efforts and future projects to reflect this. Courtesy of Inside Social Gaming we are going to bring you a roundup review of what some of the biggest social gaming companies are doing and how they are expanding their services.

EA Announce "Need for Speed" On All iOS Devices

EA Announce “Need for Speed” On All iOS Devices

[ 0 ] November 16, 2021

For fans of gaming particularly those that involve racing and speed will be pleased to know that “Need for Speed” will now be available on all iOS based devices. The announcement came today from Electronic Arts (EA).

Facebook and EA agree gaming deal for 5 years

Facebook and EA agree gaming deal for 5 years

[ 0 ] November 3, 2021

Facebook and games giant Electronic Arts have penned a massive 5 year deal together, which makes Facebook Credits the exclusive payment method for any EA game on the social networking site.

EA's Medal Of Honor Overview

EA’s Medal Of Honor Overview

[ 2 ] October 17, 2021

EA, publishers of Medal of Honor, one of the first-person shooting games set in World War II has now just released its newest edition. With a new reboot, it has switched from a previous second world war II scenario, to that of a conflict based war torn Afghanistan.

EA Announce Windows Phone 7 Games Listing

EA Announce Windows Phone 7 Games Listing

[ 0 ] October 14, 2021

The launch of Windows Phone 7 came to New York early Monday morning, and along with it, news was released of what the devices and carriers will be. Today, Electronic Arts (EA) has now announced news of up and coming games for the new Windows Phone 7 OS.

Inside Social Apps 2010: The future of gaming on Facebook

Inside Social Apps 2010: The future of gaming on Facebook

[ 0 ] March 26, 2022

If you consider yourself to be a regular user of game applications on Facebook, then you might want to make a note of April 20th, as that is the date when Inside Social Apps 2010 kicks off - an event all about social apps and games.