10 Game Trailers You Might Have Missed At E3 2011


E3 2011 was a fantastic event with all sorts of different devices being showcased. We saw Microsoft demonstrating what the Kinect can really do with FPS games, the PS Vita named and further details about pricing given and also the new Nintendo Wii U being showcased … [Read more...]

Battlefield 3: Thunder Run Tank Gameplay Trailer Goes Viral


So far E3 2011 has been fantastic with Microsoft showing off what the Kinect can really do, Sony naming their brand spanking new handheld console the PS Vita and Nintendo wowing everyone by showing off and naming their new static console the Nintendo Wii U … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii U: PS3 & Xbox Visuals Used, Equals Graphics


Gaming event E3 2011 kicked off yesterday, with announcements from Sony and Nintendo, with news of the PS Vita and the new Wii U + Controller and its the latter that we wanted to talk to you about. With a great number of attendees present, the event kicked off with an orchestra followed by Shigeru … [Read more...]

Nintendo “Wii U” Plus Controller: Any Disappointments?


News came yesterday about details of the new Nintendo Wii console. During the E3 2011 yearly event, Nintendo announced that the new Wii would be named “Wii U” and along with details of this, we got to hear about its new controller, possible release and so on. For those of you that missed these, we … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS: Steps Back In Time With Mario Kart & More


As we reported earlier Sony's E3 introduction to their latest generation of PlayStation portable devices, is set to offer up a massive attack on Nintendo's 3DS. We gave a brief comparison of specs between the Sony PS Vita and Nintendo's latest 3D console. … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii U: Controller Specs Revealed At E3 2011


With the last few days being amazing with different manufacturers getting our focus it’s been hard to pin the rosette on the winning device of E3 2011. Before today we had seen the magic of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect that left me wanting to trade in my PS3 and of course the pocket handheld gaming … [Read more...]

Sony’s PlayStation Vita: Up Close & Personal

Gaming event E3 2011 has begun for this year and news has not only come from Sony's camp, but announcements are expected from rivals Nintendo and Microsoft. Turning our attention back to Sony, despite its recent PSN outage, gamers can look forward to new devices, such as a new 3D 24-inch TV Monitor … [Read more...]

Sony Reveals It Is The Top Netflix Streamer At E3 2011


Plenty of new detail has come out of Sony's keynote at E3 2011 earlier, in particular the unveiling of their "Playstation Vita" NGP which OSM's Tim Ollason has reported on for you. Sony also revealed another interesting fact, that they are the leading Netflix streamer. … [Read more...]

E3 2011: Resistance 3 Bundle & Price: PS Move & 3D Compatible


With 2011's E3 event well under way, we have had an opportunity to take a peak at some of the best looking products from the gaming show. The big headline so far has been all about Sony's NGP which has been called the "Playstation Vita". Besides this a tasty looking Resistance 3 bundle caught our … [Read more...]

E3 2011: New Sony 3D 24-inch TV Monitor, Tempted?


Today, yearly gaming event E3 has already got underway with various pieces of news from tech giants Sony. Whilst Tim here at OSM has brought you news about Sony's NGP console being officially named “PS Vita” along with the price for WiFi and 3G models, we can now report about a 24-inch TV monitor … [Read more...]

NGP Officially Named PS Vita By Kaz Hirai At E3 2011


We at OSM have been covering as much as possible with the NGP which is the successor to the original PSP which was launched 6 years ago. We even provided links for you to watch the Sony E3 2011 event yourself and it’s from here that we learned the proper name for the new device … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii 2 Rumored Name Change To “Nintendo”


Keen gamers will know that E3 2011 is due to get underway tomorrow (June 7th), and with it, we will no doubt be hearing news of Nintendo's next Wii gaming console, Sony's NGP, possible news of PS4, gaming titles and so on. If we turn our attention to Nintendo's new Wii gaming console, another rumor … [Read more...]

Lulz Security Hack On Nintendo: Bad News Ahead of E3 2011


Hacking is becoming quite a problem in the world of gaming, it was really pulled to the front page when Sony was hit pretty badly with the PSN outage and they had to entirely rebuild the infrastructure which isn’t good. With that being the case Maddy Rowe of OSM reported yesterday that Nintendo … [Read more...]

Nintendo E3 2011 Live Stream: Wii 2/Project Cafe To Be Revealed


Great news for all gamers as E3 2011 is upon us and already. There’s a lot of hype that has been built up by gamers about Nintendo and what they are going to do this year as they are expected to showcase their new static console … [Read more...]

E3 Event 2011: What To Look Out For


The Electronics Entertainment Expo gets underway in Los Angeles early next week, with plenty of gaming goodies going to be put out on show. With so much going on throughout the big event you may not know where you want to focus your attention yet, so we are going to highlight a few of the best … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii 2/Project Cafe Rumor Summary Prior To E3


We have an interesting time ahead of us with both WWDC and E3 commencing simultaneously. Good news if you are attending E3 and want to keep up with what’s going on at WWDC as there’s an official app that’s hit the Apple app store with a news section on it … [Read more...]

Sony Is The Victim Of Hacking… Again Just Before E3 2011


Sony isn’t having much luck in terms of their security at the moment, we are just leaving the PSN outage where normal service was finally being resumed and then we hear that Sony has been the victim of hacking again and this time it’s just before E3 2011, one of the biggest gaming events of the … [Read more...]

The NGP Is Sony’s E3 Showpiece: Check Out The Demo Videos


As E3 draws closer the rumors of different consoles showing up to show off what they can do are coming thick and fast. The biggest rumor surrounds the Xbox 720 where many people have been speculating about it. Today we want to talk to you about the most powerful handheld console that has ever lived … [Read more...]

E3 2011 Coincides With Apple WWDC: Where You At?


With just a matter of days until the commencement of gaming conference E3 2011 and WWDC, its a job to know what will come out of both events. Rumors have been rife over the last few weeks, well in fact months as to what will take center stage at both, will it be news of the next generation iPhone 5 … [Read more...]

Target Xbox 360 Price Drop Ahead of E3: Xbox 720 Coming


This is the perfect time for the guys at Microsoft to really stick the knife in and take a massive chunk of market share following the PSN outage. Sony has already made a pretty impressive offer of a Sony PlayStation slim 160GB with Call of Duty: Black Ops and a free First Strike download all for … [Read more...]

PS4 And Xbox 720: Do You Think It’s The Right Time?


With one of the biggest gaming events to take place between the 7th to the 9th June, yes you got it the E3, rumor of what we might and might not see has been rife. In posts here at OSM, we have been happy to give you news of a Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) that is due to be landing as well as … [Read more...]

E3 2011 What’s Likely: Sony’s NGP Focus, PSN Outage Factor?


With the E3 2011 gaming event to kick off on the 7th June ending on the 9th, its a job to report at this early stage what we can expect to see. Rumors have been rife with news of a new Wii 2 console from Nintendo coming, news of Sony's NGP along with new game titles including Wipeout, but no doubt … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii 2 & 3DS Will Save Them From Plummeting Sales

There has been quite a lot of news and speculation about a new static console from Nintendo following on from the success of their now outdated Nintendo Wii. There has been quite a bit of speculation about the name that it will go under potential specs and when we are expecting to know more, well … [Read more...]

E3 Will See A New Nintendo Static Console: Your Thoughts?


When it comes to the world of consoles there are three main competitors, Microsoft with their Xbox 360 and Kinect which has proven to be extremely popular, the Sony PlayStation 3 which is one of the things that most kids want and of course the Nintendo Wii which is a motion controlled system … [Read more...]

E3 2011: Sony Leaked Device List Bears All: Rumor Or Not?


For many of you who consider yourself as avid gamers, the E3 event due to kick off on June 7th is the one big opportunity to hear about up and coming devices along with gaming content. Today it seems we have to some leaked Sony device news to give you from who is known as a “reliable source.” … [Read more...]