Nook Color Sales: Was out of stock but now available online


We know that many of our readers are enthusiasts of the NOOK Color e-reader and among our recent posts we’ve given details of a firmware update with pinch and zoom and a look at the Nook Color running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. You may recently have read reports about the Nook Color being out of stock … [Read more...]

Amazon Kindle apps coming for Windows and Android tablets


We’ve been bringing you news on the Amazon Kindle, the smash hit product over the holiday season, and just recently told how some refunds were being given for problems caused by the leather covers on these e-readers. We also told you back in December about the Kindle web app which had become … [Read more...]

Nook 2 E-Reader From Barnes & Noble: On It’s Way?

While Barnes and Noble have been in the spotlight over their Nook e-readers potential explosions issue, you would think that the manufacturer had enough on its plate without placing more pressure upon themselves. … [Read more...]

Next3 Android Tablet from E FUN: With Borders eBook Store


There’s a new color Android tablet device available with the release of the E FUN Next3 Android 2.1 e-reader/tablet with an 8.4-inch screen to compete against the 7-inch screen on the Nook Color. … [Read more...]

Nook Color: Damage/Exploded Units Due To Android Hack


With a market increasing in e-reader devices such as the Amazon Kindle, Apple's iPad and of course the Nook Color, it's no surprise that when it comes to deciding what one to purchase it can be a hard decision. But today news has come through of the Nook Color and a recent Android hack which could … [Read more...]

Asustek Computer’s Unveils Eee Note EA-800


E-readers seem to be quite big news at the moment and there are lots of new developments coming all the time. We’ve recently posted on an Android and an iPhone App for the Sony Reader, flexible screens for e-readers that could be available next year, and earlier today we posted an e-reader guide. … [Read more...]

Android and iPhone apps for Sony Reader: Release in December


Those of you who purchased a Sony e-reader, or are thinking of buying one, may well be pleased with this next piece of news as both an Android and an iPhone App for the Sony Reader is on its way soon. Sony promised on the release of its latest e-readers earlier this year that corresponding apps … [Read more...]

E-Readers out, iPads in - with kids aged 6 to 12


Have you been wondering what gadget gifts kids would really appreciate for the holiday season? If so a new survey might interest you of kids between the ages of 6 and 12 that were shown a plethora of gadgets on a list and asked to pick the ones they really wanted. … [Read more...]

Kno Announce Two New 14.1 Tablet Devices For 2010


In a market where new and up and coming tablet devices are on the increase, it's no surprise to hear of yet another company about to launch their own version, I'm talking about Kno. News has come in that they will be releasing two tablets, one single and one dual-screen by the end of the year. … [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble to launch a new NOOK? Special event will tell


Book selling chain Barnes & Noble has announced they are holding a special event on October 26th, and with exclusive invites going around we are all wondering what they could possibly be going to unveil. A new NOOK is the most likely and expected possibility. … [Read more...]

Pandigital Novel Personal eReader release: A simpler approach


E-reader devices are growing in popularity now and we recently brought you an article about the big success of the Amazon Kindle. Now it appears that Pandigital is set to bring out a new e-reader, the Novel Personal eReader which comes integrated with the Barnes & Noble eBookstore. … [Read more...]

Sharp To Release Two “iPad Style” Tablets


Japanese Electronics Company “Sharp” who are renowned for their design and manufacturing of products, are now set to release two new tablets onto the market by the month of December. Currently, Sharp offers LCD TV’s, mobile phones, microwave ovens, calculators and now to add to these, two … [Read more...]

Amazon Kindle Enjoying New “Scrabble” Paid App


Since Amazon launched its app store for the "Kindle" e-reader device, we can now forward to the release of the first paid app, “Scrabble”. Nowadays, the good old-fashioned board games are making their way onto the latest technological gadgets, Scrabble being no exception. So, will this latest … [Read more...]

Amazon Kindle: U.S. Store Enjoys Over 700,000 Books


The “Amazon Kindle” which has been recently released by will give its users the accessibility to purchase and store thousands of book content. Following on from a recent update today, Amazon have now added voice search as well as a Wikipedia dictionary. … [Read more...]

Amazon Kindle: Bus Driver Caught Reading

We are warned of the dangers of drink driving, using our mobile phones and sleeping at the wheel. But now a bus driver in Portland, Oregon has been caught on film using his “Amazon Kindle“. A report from “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” indicated that last year, of the … [Read more...]