Slow Down App: Aid to safe driving


Now here at OSM we do love a good innovation and only earlier today we told you about a dual-lens camera for example, the Underabove, which can take pictures of both above and below the water simultaneously. We also reported recently on the Anti-Sleep Pilot, a really clever device to stop driver’s … [Read more...]

Anti-Sleep pilot: Stops you nodding off at the wheel

We've all heard about dangerous driving habits and if you’ve ever driven long distances and felt yourself start to drift off to sleep at the wheel you’ll know how easy it can be to do but help is at hand in the form of a new gizmo, the Anti Sleep Pilot. This could be a great idea for a gift for the … [Read more...]

Amazon Kindle: Bus Driver Caught Reading


We are warned of the dangers of drink driving, using our mobile phones and sleeping at the wheel. But now a bus driver in Portland, Oregon has been caught on film using his “Amazon Kindle“. A report from “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” indicated that last year, of the 5,500 … [Read more...]