Best Modern Warfare 3 price after Battlefield 3 trade-in

The big two games of the year are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, and they are not only in competition with each other in way of game sales, but also price as well. Each year brick-and-mortar and online stores all compete with each other in a price war, and it’s usually the likes … [Read more...]

The Battlefield 3 social network

The excitement level is now starting to build, as we are just days away from the release of Battlefield 3. It has been a bumpy road for DICE, as the beta was filled with bugs, and there was also that issue of destruction, which will be resolved in the public release. Let’s now concentrate on the … [Read more...]

Battlefield 3 FPS simulator on video

Fans of Channel 5’s Gadget Show will know that they do not do things the conventional way when testing their products, and it’s this that keeps us glued to the TV for the hour that the show is on. However, they certainly have stepped up to the mark for the release of one of the biggest games of … [Read more...]

Battlefield 3 beta stats

After a recent London event and a hands-on with the Battlefield 3 beta it was easy to be unimpressed, but not everyone feels this way and you can certainly see that with the amount of gameplay going on in the beta, this has been shown by some official stats released by DICE.The stats shown in … [Read more...]

DICE discuss new Xbox 720 console

By now you will know that the Xbox 720 will be released sooner than you think, due to the fact that some Microsoft employees have admitted to working on the new console, even though we have no idea as to what the official name will be. DICE, the developer responsible for Battlefield 3 has been … [Read more...]