WhatsApp for Web download in Google Chrome only

WhatsApp Web app download in Google Chrome only  pic 3

Facebook owned WhatsApp is not only tied to mobile devices, it will now work on desktops but there are a few downsides. Yes, at last the WhatsApp Web is for desktop users, 700 million users on smartphones and tablets are already using the normal WhatsApp and now the numbers will climb thanks to … [Read more...]

Toshiba DX1215 Touchscreen Desktop: Specs, Price & Release


Are you somebody that has to have the latest up to date technology, if so, then feast your eyes on the new Toshiba DX1215 all in one touchscreen desktop. Ok, so there may be others on the current market but it would be a shame to let this one pass through without giving it a proper look! … [Read more...]

Acer Predator Gaming Desktop PC: The Ultimate Gaming Device?


With the rise of tablet PCs and laptops the world of desktop PCs is taking a massive hit, the thing is the more mobile devices are a lot more convenient in our hectic lifestyles so the easier something is to pack away pick up and take with you the better it will be … [Read more...]

New iMac 2011 Release Official & Apple Specs: Refresh Available Now


News is coming thick and fast today about the new iMac 2011 release, which has in the last few minutes been made official. We told how the refresh was likely to be today and then the fact that the Apple Store was down. We can now confirm specs and also let you know that these refreshed models are … [Read more...]

Apple iMac 2011 Sandy Bridge & Thunderbolt: 4 New Models?


We’ve been bringing you as much news and speculation as we can about the new Apple iMac 2011 refresh, which we expect to be confirmed in the next hour or so. We told how all the rumors added to a May 3 release and then earlier today told how the Apple Store had gone down, a sure sign that they are … [Read more...]

New iMac 2011 Rumors of Release Date: Signs Imply Next Week


We’ve been bringing you news and speculation about the new iMac 2011 and today have more rumors about the release. We know how many of you are waiting for the new iMac line and the good news is that the signs seem to imply a launch of the upgraded models as early as next week. … [Read more...]

Apple iMac 2011 Release Imminent? Current Stocks Diminish


We’ve published several stories recently about the new iMacs for 2011, and reported the speculation of a late April or May arrival after tweets from respected Cnet writer Brian Tong came to our attention. We now hear more news that suggests the 2011 iMac may be appearing imminently as current stocks … [Read more...]

Desktop Drink Gadgets for Thirsty Work


There are some great gadgets around these days for all types of things and if you’re desk-bound for a lot of the day and don’t fancy the usual scrum for tea and coffee, or simply don’t want to bother making it for everyone else, you could simply get yourself one of the neat desktop gadget drink … [Read more...]