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"Design" News

Xbox 360 Scrapping Glossy Look- Matte Finish The Future

[ 0 ] August 16, 2021

Microsoft has decided to make a decision on the future design for its Xbox 360 games consoles. Since its launch we have seen a variety of different themes, colors and concepts with both a matte and glossy finish both being sported by the popular console. From now on the shiny look will be scrapped and…

iPhone 6: Design Transformation Includes Charge Change

[ 0 ] July 7, 2021

Official news is yet to emerge surrounding Apple’s new iPhone 5 handset. For months now, the speculation regarding its specs, name, possible price, carriers, appearance and so on have all been rife, its a job to know the majority of the time, what to believe!

Apple iPhone 5 Visualized: New Concepts Before Release

[ 2 ] June 30, 2021

The Apple iPhone 5 and its release continues to keep everyone guessing and every day it seems there is more speculation. We recently posted articles about two models possibly being released in September and also about different pricing levels. Today’s news may also be speculative but it’s certainly interesting as we can see the iPhone…

iPhone 5 Leaked Design Images Seen: The Real Thing?

[ 1 ] March 12, 2022

All around us we see rumor surrounding Apple’s latest generation iPhone. Although this did subside briefly following the introduction of the iPad 2, rest assured that there will be more to come.

Glass Globe doorknob: How to see into a room without opening the door

Glass Globe doorknob: How to see into a room without opening the door

[ 0 ] November 26, 2021

Here at OSM we like to give you the latest tech posts and while this may not be precisely tech, it’s intriguing none-the-less and may interest some of you people that appreciate the latest innovations.