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Delta Airlines Facebook App: Check in from Ticket Counter


It was only a week or so ago that we reported on how airlines were increasingly turning to social media to optimize customer relations and now we have a great example of that from Delta Airlines. The company launched a Facebook app back in August last year but from today customers can not only book … [Read more...]

Malaysia Airlines “MHbuddy App” Checks-In With Facebook

For many, online social networking site Facebook which initially launched in 2004 and to date sees some 600 million users, is a great communication tool for many people. It serves as a way to message your friends and loved ones, keep others informed of what you are doing via status updates, upload … [Read more...]

Brian McFadden Slams US Airline on Twitter

Irish singer-songwriter Brian McFadden – a former member of the Irish band Westlife – appears to be a bit unhappy with Delta Airlines at the moment, and has even taken to his Twitter page to send a series of rants about the US airline. … [Read more...]