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"Delay" News

iPad 2 Hong Kong Release: Still Lagging Behind, Any Hope?

[ 2 ] April 10, 2022

Since its official launch just a month ago, Apple’s iPad 2 has no doubt received mixed reactions from many of you. With what was hoped to be a straightforward release, has ended up with many people still not receiving their cherished tablet devices due to shipping delays, although just yesterday we did have news that [...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Delay: Apple’s Domineering Market Blamed?

[ 0 ] April 7, 2022

For many of you who have been waiting for the BlackBerry PlayBook, will no doubt be aware that the swanky new tablet was due to be initially released early part of this year, but then news started to filter through that the device would unfortunately be delayed. The reason? Steve Jobs and his company Apple, [...]

Notion Ink Adam Release: Slight delay for much-awaited tablet?

Notion Ink Adam Release: Slight delay for much-awaited tablet?

[ 2 ] January 10, 2022

We’ve been bringing you plenty of news about the Notion Ink Adam tablet, the enigmatic device that was finally revealed at CES 2011. This ground-breaking tablet has an almost cult following and among our recent articles we’ve posted a Motorola Xoom vs Notion Ink Adam comparison which got a big response. We also put the [...]