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Intel Sandy Bridge CPU's released in Asia

Intel Sandy Bridge CPU’s released in Asia

[ 0 ] December 20, 2021

In November we brought you an update on the Intel Sandy Bridge processor line due out in early 2011 and reported the first device spec sheet to turn up using one of the new processors, the i7-2630QM chip in the update for the HP Pavilion dv7.

Intel 2011 Roadmap: More Tablets Less Smartphones

Intel 2011 Roadmap: More Tablets Less Smartphones

[ 0 ] December 8, 2021

Intel has offered a brief roadmap for its Atom processor in 2011, 35 tablets are to be powered by the device. However, it seems that there will be less smartphones with Intel inside next year. Surprisingly, the chip company said that their tablet plans are not as important as netbooks, which does seem a bit [...]