7 ways to promote your blog on social media

7 ways to promote your blog on social media

OK, so you have a blog now. You work hard to make it look good and even harder to write all that super exciting content. You hit the “publish” button and nothing happens. No visitors and nobody care to share your latest posts on Facebook, or even give it a single Tweet. You are starting to … [Read more...]

Infographic on science of sharing on social media

Infographic on science of sharing on social media pic 3

Do you actually know when your audience is active on social media? The answer most of the time is probably a ‘no’. But thanks to a very informative infographic, which covers the best posting times and posting frequencies for a variety of popular social media channels guidance is at hand. Knowing … [Read more...]

Conquering branded social media blind spots

Conquering branded social media blind spots pic 1

A recent study by Havas Media and Crowd Emotion found that only 20 percent of branded content posts appearing on Facebook generated any emotional response. When emotion is key to consumer connection to a brand, this seems to spell doom for social media marketers. But marketers don’t have to … [Read more...]

Bubblews social media platform for content sharing

Bubblews social media platform for content sharing pic 1

Bubblews, the first social media platform to offer users rewards for content sharing. Users can actually profit from sharing their posts, which makes it even more rewarding when writing. Serving as an innovative content creation and discovery platform, Bubblews brings a new perspective to the … [Read more...]

5 creative ways to get more Twitter shares for your content

5 Creative Ways to Get More Twitter Shares for your Content

With Twitter, it is possible to find new customers and foster relationships with current ones. Of course, it is a competitive field and one must prepare to face a lot of obstacles. However, when done in an intelligent and well-thought-out manner, a business can succeed on Twitter. With this in mind, … [Read more...]

Motivate Social Content Sharing in Brand Marketing Campaigns


Here at OSM we often write about the growing use of social media marketing campaigns and how brands utilize and make use of these campaigns. One of the difficulties many companies face is how to encourage social sharing of content by its customers and it’s not just all about the sharing either, … [Read more...]

Google Chrome extension: Cortex for sharing content


If you’re an enthusiast for Google Chrome you’ll like the sound of this next piece of news which is about an extension for Google Chrome called Cortex. Designed for sharing content it does so both stylishly and speedily with an exceptional interface. … [Read more...]