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CoD MW3 or Apple iPhone 5: What are you looking forward to most?


At OSM we keep up to date with the latest in technology including smartphones and there’s one particular device that keeps on jumping up with different suspected parts to it appearing all over the world. We even heard a repetition of the loss in a bar incident that saw the iPhone 4 leaked but with … [Read more...]

CoD MW3 Online Multiplayer Explained In YouTube Viral Video


For all you gamers out there looking forward to the latest Call of Duty game you are in for a treat. As many of our regular readers will know, we report on many different types of YouTube viral video, today is no different and instead of our usual humorous or amazing clip, we have one that gives you … [Read more...]

Modern Warfare 3 Accessories: Turtle Beach Headsets To Start


A big talking point in the gaming world and also in terms of technology is the global trend of Call of Duty. This has been one of the most successful franchises that I personally have ever seen in the gaming world and would go as far as putting it right up there with Super Mario and Sonic. Now we … [Read more...]

CoD MW3: Elite Facebook Service Starts Summer Via Public Beta


There will be many gamers today, pleased to learn that Activision will now be expanding their social gaming platform with the addition “Call of Duty Elite.” As the majority of you will be aware, the Call of Duty titles exceed many others but will the news of a subscription service that will be … [Read more...]