Amazon GovCloud for US Government: Cloud Services Launched

Although Microsoft and Google both offer cloud services that fit with federal requirements, that hasn’t stopped Amazon climbing on board and yesterday the company announced GovCloud, cloud storage services for the U.S. government. The services will be used by US government users and contractors … [Read more...]

Dropbox Terms And Conditions Update: Do They Own Your Data?

Soon after starting my studies at university, I discovered an excellent service called Dropbox. It’s like an online memory stick, which allows me to save my files to the cloud, and easily download it anywhere through the website. Best of all, the desktop client automatically downloaded my files to … [Read more...]

Apple iCloud Service Rumor: Strong Evidence in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Yesterday we brought you some news about the rumored new Apple iCloud service, a feature that is thought may be included on the iPhone 5. We told how “people familiar with the matter” had said that beta versions of Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5.0 were integrating iCloud and it seems that there is now … [Read more...]

Cloud Storage: Companies Ready to Climb on Board


It doesn’t seem that long ago that the term ‘cloud’ meant nothing to a lot of us but it’s very quickly become a term that most people have at least some idea of. It seems that businesses have also become quickly aware of cloud storage and a new survey reports that many companies are now … [Read more...]