iPhone 4S cases for christmas

iPhone 4S cases for christmas

Having already discussed the fact that your best iPhone 4 cases might not fit your 4S like we were meant to believe, we already discussed how you can make sure that this does not happen. Just to refresh, try to make certain that the case you pick has a cutout for the volume and mute all-in-one, this … [Read more...]

New Nintendo Wii Goes On A Diet On Run Up To Christmas


When we think of games consoles, two major players spring to mind, Sony's PS3 and of course Microsoft's Xbox 360. This duo are seen as the epitome of high end game play and with a long list of hard core games for the serious competitor, those that are dedicated to their online gaming will be signed … [Read more...]

Social media version of the Nativity Story - plus VIDEO

It’s almost Christmas, the time of year when traditionally we turn to thoughts of the NORAD Santa Tracker, Christmas game apps and reindeers using GPS. OK, so these might be modern traditions but what could signify Christmas more than the Nativity story. Well how about a Nativity story using … [Read more...]

Top Christmas Wishes: Facebook and Twitter say it’s family and friends

We’ve been trying to give readers ideas about gifts for the holiday season and only recently have posted on customizable gadget gifts and also some great ideas for business gifts, but it seems that we may be being rather too materialistic if looking at Christmas wish list messages on Twitter and … [Read more...]

The Great Twitter Secret Santa: How It Works

If choosing presents for friends, families and loved ones is not stressful enough, then the idea of ‘Secret Santa’ at work could just about tip you over the edge. How many people at work do you actually like – when I worked in a factory I could only put up with two out of the 15? … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Buyers Get Free Bundle

With Christmas almost within reach, I'm sure that there are a lot of you out there that will be expecting to wake up Christmas morning with a brand new tablet stuffed into their stockings. Well if your lucky enough to receive such a parcel on the festive morn you could be in for a bit more of a … [Read more...]

Angry Birds On Android For Free

For those of you out there who are addicted to the mobile phone game “Angry Birds,” good news has come through today that the game will now be coming to Android handsets for free. Recently, Debbie at OSM received news that the popular game was receiving a Christmas edition, and that users who had … [Read more...]

Black Friday 2010: Boosts Kinect sales- King of consoles?


It appears that the "must have" Christmas console is really starting to fill living rooms over the world, and this does not look to be slowing down. Microsoft has dished out over 2.5 million units of their Kinect and it has not even been out a month yet! … [Read more...]

Norad Santa Tracker: Games For Kids 2010


Every year for many people Christmas really begins with the NORAD Santa Tracker. This site that enables children to track Santa as he leaves the North Pole on his circuit around the globe grows in popularity every year and we recently posted an article to tell more about it. When we last looked a … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Farms Via Twitter

Christmas Tree Farms Via Twitter

The holiday shopping season is now here and it surprising how many people on Twitter have been looking for information on Christmas Tree Farms. It seems that more people now wish to purchase their tree from these sources, rather than save a few dollars to get one that has been hacked down with no … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Facebook App Virus: Real or Not?

Christmas Tree Facebook App Virus Real or Not

Social networking sites such as Facebook are always getting targeted by hackers and scams and we’ve heard about a few of them over the past few months, including one that appeared to target Justin Bieber fans and another click worm scam. … [Read more...]

Norad Santa Tracker 2010: Facebook and Google Earth


Dare I say it, the C word in November… that’s right Christmas is on its way! You certainly know it’s on its way when the NORAD Santa Tracker starts appearing on Facebook and Google. Every year NORAD track Santa as he leaves the North Pole and starts delivering presents to children … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Christmas Strategy


With the countdown until Christmas, is it too late to start using social media to advertise your company? Of course not. According to a recent study by LinkShare, 50% of retailers will be using social platforms this coming winter and 37% exploring the option of using online vouchers and special … [Read more...]