Child maintenance calculator for USA, UK

Child maintenance calculator for USA, UK pic 1

Millions of people need to know how much they would have to pay or receive for their children, and the best way to do so is by using a Child maintenance calculator. If you are arranging your own payments then use the Child maintenance calculator for both USA and UK to agree on the right child … [Read more...]

Social media is redefining childhood friendship

Social media is redefining childhood friendship pic 3

Social media has steadily advanced into every area of life, including growing up. Today's children are facing issues with which no previous generation has had to grapple. Now, perhaps the most comprehensive gathering of experts in social media from the fields of psychology, social work, … [Read more...]

Facebook Amber Alert, NCMEC to find missing children

Facebook Amber Alert, NCMEC to find missing children

Children sadly go missing every day and to help find the, Facebook has decided to join hands with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. To make an even better effort the new Amber Alerts will be made available for both desktop and mobile devices. By Facebook and National … [Read more...]

Child-friendly PlayBase tablet from Karuma


Stuck for Christmas ideas? Singapore company Karuma may just be able to help, with the introduction of a new slimline tablet for children called the “PlayBase.” So what makes this latest device the present to have under the tree? … [Read more...]

YouTube Sensation: 4-Year Old Preacher Racks Up Millions


Viral video site YouTube that allows people to upload, share and view content is accessed by millions of users every day of the week. Along with bringing you news of Google Doodles that make their way to the search engine's homepage, one of our favorite subjects is that of videos that appear on the … [Read more...]

Facebook Hinders “Making Friends” For Youngsters


Online social networking sites have now become part of our daily lives, in fact some would argue that they have taken over our existence. Although sites such as Facebook and Twitter being the big two, pull in millions of users every day of every week and offer positive experiences such as finding … [Read more...]

Childrens’ Technology Continous Use: Damaging Or Is It?


For many parents, it has now become acceptable that for their children, the involvement in the use of technology is part of everyday life. For us adults, we can remember a time when no such thing as a mobile phone or a tablet device, but these days, youngsters are equipped with both of these, the … [Read more...]

Child ID App for Missing Children: FBI iPhone Help


Many of us connect all sorts of things with the FBI but I bet the term ‘iPhone app’ wouldn’t be the first thing that most of you thought of. However the FBI has now launched it’s first iPhone app and it’s a pretty important one as this app is aimed at helping to find missing children. This is a … [Read more...]

Unborn Child Added To Facebook’s Debatable “Expected” Option


Online social networking site Facebook attracting over 750 million people, can be used for uploading and sharing of photos, live streaming an event such as the UFC or in some cases music concerts, adding friends to an expanding list, updating your daily status to let those around you know exactly … [Read more...]

Facebook Saving Lives: 4-Year Old Diagnosed From Fatal Disease


Top of social networking sites is of course Facebook but we ask ourselves, for how much longer? Of course there's rival Twitter which has now celebrated some 200 million followers with an approximate 600,000 new sign-ups a day and the newest addition that of Google+. As many of you who currently … [Read more...]

Orphans Of Disasters Get Birthday Courtesy Of Social Media


Here at OSM we talk about social media and the impact that it has on individuals or organisations be it big or small. The use of online networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on can all be used to advertise a brand, event and just yesterday we gave you some stats which … [Read more...]

Kiddies Moshi Monster Numbers Rise To 50 Million


Online social networking game “Moshi Monsters” has now reached a massive milestone in terms of user numbers. The site which has been compared to that of Facebook but for kids aged between 6 and 12 years, will be celebrating today despite having a roller-coaster ride since 2008. … [Read more...]

Facebook Minimum Age Scrapped: Zuckerberg Right?


As we all know and as we previously reported, Facebook and its sign up procedure is open to misuse. More and more under-age users are signing up every day falsely inputting their age to clear themselves of the 13-year old age bracket. … [Read more...]

Doodle 4 Google American Challenge: Space Explorer Wins


In the past here at OSM, we have brought you many Google Doodles or the logo on their homepage, in relation to specific dates on the yearly calendar, for example it could be a date such as Halloween, Easter or an individual's birthday. Examples of this have been escapologist Harry Houdini or … [Read more...]

Facebook & Children: Are Parents Supervising Enough?


Social networking is part and parcel of our everyday lives, with sites like Facebook growing more prominent, even companies are turning to the sites in order to enhance and promote their businesses. But while a large majority of the population use Facebook to keep in touch and communicate with … [Read more...]

Study Reveals Many Under 13’s Are Using Facebook

Facebook kiddies

Facebook is a big part of many people’s social lives, allowing us to keep in touch and communicate but it can also be an unwilling host to different scams trying to get a hold of information. This is why Facebook has an age limiter in place, denying access to anybody under the age of 13. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 as Educational Tool: One for Each Child?


We have previously talked about the educational use of the iPad and recently told how even Toys R Us could begin selling the Apple iPad 2 in May. We have now heard of plans for the iPad 2 to be used as an educational tool with one school district in the US planning to make an iPad 2 available to … [Read more...]

Miami Heat LeBron James Hits YouTube With Animated Kids Series


Many of you are aware of American basketball player LeBron James, but did any of you know that “King James” as he's nicknamed has expanded his many other talents to video site YouTube? As well as playing for Miami Heat, appearing in TV shows including Entourage and Saturday Night Live, the famous … [Read more...]

YouTube Babies Chatting Viral Video: Gripping Conversation


Here at OSM, every now and then we like to bring you news of funny, strange or entertaining YouTube videos that have gone viral. Recently for example we’ve told of the Epic Rap Battles of History 7, and one about a lad called Casey who was being bullied but fought back. Today’s YouTube viral video … [Read more...]

FamilySignal Keeps Children Safe On Social Networking Sites


As parents we all like to keep our children safe and wrapped up in a protective bubble, but at what stage do we start to give them a little more freedom to explore what life's all about and let them access parts of the internet such as social networking sites. Currently although age restrictions … [Read more...]

Child Friendly Tablet PC: The LeapPad - Early iPad Training


We thought 2011 was going to be the year of the tablet PC and we were right. Back at CES 2011 we saw more than 50 tablets alone, between then and the beginning of MWC we saw a few more. With MWC 2011 packing up until next year we have heard about another tablet pc … [Read more...]

Safe Social Networking Site For Children: Everloop & I-Safe Join April


In this day an age, children are growing up faster than we would like. Gone are the days when families would spend their days sat huddled up together playing board games. Today's technology such as computers and the world wide web has played a huge part in replacing good old fashioned toys and … [Read more...]

VTech 5-inch LCD “InnoPad” Designed For The Younger Generation


In today's technology age, gadgets are not only geared up for adults but children alike. In my house, the children have the latest iPod Touches, laptops, wii, PS3 and so on. News in from has reported of a new tablet the “InnoPad,” aimed for kiddies aged between 4-9 years old from … [Read more...]

Tech Skills Outpacing Life Skills for Kids


We learn some surprising things here at OSM and some things amuse us (favorite YouTube videos), while some shock, such as our recent infographic about why we should be worried about identity theft. This one may shock some but if you’re a parent worrying why your kid can’t yet tie their shoelaces but … [Read more...]

Most U.S. Toddlers Online Before They Can Talk


In a recent international survey by AVG, to find out the percentage of toddlers that have their presence known online, astonishing results were concluded. The survey asked some 2,200 mums if their child(ren) were online, be it, in a photo, prenatal scan picture, a networking site profile and so on. … [Read more...]