Phone Charging Via Touchscreen Possible- Play Angry Birds?


Don't you just hate being out and about and running out of battery? If only there was a way you could walk around the shops and charge up your smartphone, short of wires and a spare battery. Well there may soon be a way. … [Read more...]

IDAPT i4 Charge Up To 4 Devices At Once: Hands-On

Back in February we brought you news about a new charging station by the name of Idapt i2+ allowing you to charge up to three devices at any one time. The idea, something of which was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, was to stop the burden of trying to charge one device at any … [Read more...]

Apple MacBook Pro 2011 Charging Equals That Of iPad 2 Adapter

If you have ever charged your iPad via your MacBook Pro you may have noticed that the top up times are extended from that of the standard wall mounted charger. … [Read more...]

CTIA: LG Takes On Powermat With “No Wires” Charging Pad

Are you one of a number of people that get fed up with charging up your smartphone with a tangled mess from your charger. An ingenious but not a new idea, has surfaced from tech company LG. During this weeks CTIA event, the device named the “Wireless WCP-700 Charging Pad” was seen in all its … [Read more...]

Idapti2+ Mobile 3 Device Universal Charger: $40 At Walmart & Costco


Ever get fed up with your family arguing over plug sockets to charge up their mobile devices, and that’s not to mention the tangled wires? News in today may be about to make your life a little less stressed, we are not just talking about a new mobile docking station that allows you to charge one … [Read more...]

goBAT II From Scosche: Portable iPad & iPhone USB Charger


We at OSM haven’t reported on too many portable chargers in the past, but one that has caught our eye is pretty interesting. It’s a device made by Scosche called the goBAT II and it works great for charging your iPhone and iPad … [Read more...]

Duracell MyGrid Review: Manufacturers Take Note

If you are a big fan of tech and have a house full of the latest gadgets then it is likely you also have a lot of chargers that create a birds nest of chaos when they are all plugged into the power socket at the same time. To combat this, battery maker Duracell has brought out a nifty little … [Read more...]