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iPhone 5: Prepaid Plans On 2 US Carriers & Warranty News

[ 0 ] September 14, 2021

As the weeks fly by, so does the news of Apple’s new generation iPhone handset. The fifth from the company has gained a massive amount of interest, not surprising really when you think about how well the iPhone 4 has and is still doing in terms of sales. Some have questioned as to whether the…

US Galaxy S II Release: Carrier Preference? Samsung Asks

[ 3 ] July 30, 2021

The new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is proving a smash hit in many countries excluding the US who are still waiting for it to show its face. Unfortunately, the States have been waiting for some weeks now to get their hands on the device and additional news yesterday, has stated that a White Galaxy…

Galaxy S II (S2) On Three Canadian Carriers: Is This The Price?

[ 2 ] June 30, 2021

To say that interest for the Samsung Galaxy S II is huge would be an understatement. Leading up to its official release in countries such as the UK, Australia, Japan, Korea and so on, we have brought you a variety of articles ranging from its specs, possible prices and release dates, speed tests and accessories….

AT&T 4G LTE Network Launch Markets: 5 First & 10 More for 2011

[ 0 ] May 25, 2022

As the launch of the AT&T 4G LTE network draws closer we’ve been reporting on some developments. Recently we told how early speed tests showed that AT&T’s LTE network was faster than Verizon’s LTE network and spoke of rumors of the network launch in June. We have news today about the launch markets for the…

Choosing the Best Smartphone Guide: By Carrier, Type and Budget

[ 0 ] May 23, 2022

We post many articles here at OSM about new and upcoming smartphones. However as far as consumers are concerned it can be a minefield trying to choose the best smartphone for the carrier of your choice, the type you’re after and suited to your budget. However we now have news of some smartphone recommendations sorted…

AT&T Vs Verizon LTE Download Speeds: Surprising Results

[ 0 ] May 20, 2022

We’ve already posted an article about Verizon today with regards to the iPhone 5 and now we have some news that shows surprising results about LTE speeds of AT&T and Verizon. Many have assumed, for whatever reason, that AT&T vs. Verizon LTE download speeds would show Verizon was quickest, however a recent speed test demo…

T-Mobile Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling: Starting Today

[ 0 ] May 11, 2022

If you’re a T-Mobile customer then we could have some good news for you today as it seems that the company is bringing back its free unlimited Wi-Fi calling from May 11, that’s today.

AT&T and T-Mobile Deal: Sprint Opposes - War of Words

[ 0 ] March 29, 2022

We recently brought readers the news about an AT&T and T-Mobile deal that would make AT&T the biggest wireless carrier. We then wondered how this would impact on Sprint especially if they become the only carrier not to carry the Apple iPhone 5. Now we hear that unsurprisingly, Sprint is opposing AT&T’s move to acquire…

AT&T to Buy T-Mobile $39 Billion: More Coverage Less Competition

[ 1 ] March 20, 2022

There’s major news today in the telecommunications market as it has just been announced that AT&T is to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom, in a deal worth $39 billion. AT&T’s 4G network would grow by 1.2 million square miles if the deal is approved and 46.5 million more people in the US would have…

Apple To Extend CDMA Agreements: Non-Exclusivity To Carriers

[ 0 ] January 19, 2022

AT&T have for the last couple of years enjoyed the profits of having the iPhone exclusivity, recently this came to an end with the iPhone 4 appearing on the Verizon network in a new CDMA form. We are now reading reports that Apple has struck up a new deal with AT&T

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