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BlackBerry Bold 9900 UK Price War Heats Up Ahead Of Release

[ 0 ] August 9, 2021

Smartphones have changed quite a lot over the last couple of years with the increasing specifications and changes to overall general design. One that we have been keeping tabs on for some time is the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and now the UK price was is heating up ahead of its actual release date

LG Optimus 3D: UK Release July 1st, Beats HTC EVO 3D

[ 1 ] June 30, 2021

If you’re in the process of deciding to purchase a new smartphone but are torn in which direction to turn to, then news of LG’s Optimus 3D handset may just be enough to sway you. Before we refresh you on its specs listing and give you links to some of our past Optimus 3D articles,…

LG Optimus 3D UK Early Release & Price at Carphone Warehouse

[ 0 ] June 21, 2021

If you’re in the U.K. and waiting for the release of the LG Optimus 3D we have some good news for you. We recently gave you UK release dates of July 11, 12 or 13 depending on your retailer but today we have news that the LG Optimus 3D will have a UK early release…

Appy Awards 2011: Angry Birds & Facebook Winners

[ 0 ] April 12, 2022

We have always wondered what the ultimate app out there is and now we have an idea after a special awards ceremony was held. It may come as no surprise that Angry Birds ruled the roost, picking up 2 major awards. Facebook’s mobile app was also amongst the winners last night.

HTC Flyer Hits UK Pre-Order Status: Cheap Android Tablet?

[ 0 ] April 11, 2022

Like many people out there the team here at OSM are very big HTC fans, previously we have enjoyed bringing you news about other products from the Taiwanese giant like the HTC Evo 3D and the Evo View 4G Tablet.

Amazon Kindle Arrives At Carphone warehouse & Best Buy UK

[ 0 ] March 14, 2022

If you’re an avid fan of reading than you will probably already be familiar with the Amazon Kindle, after having a brief software update the Kindle is now bigger and better than ever before and has just arrived at a Carphone warehouse or Best Buy UK store near you.

iPad 3G UK Carriers Reduce Price: iPad 2 Close?

iPad 3G UK Carriers Reduce Price: iPad 2 Close?

[ 0 ] February 21, 2022

With the iPad 2 expected to arrive in the next few weeks, its no surprise to hear of first generation iPad‘s bearing a price reduction. Although we have had no official launch date for the iPad 2, UK carriers Orange and T-Mobile have been reported as selling the 16GB iPad with the inclusion of 3G…

Motorola Xoom UK Release: Expected Summer With News Of Price?

[ 0 ] February 18, 2022

Here at OSM, we have kept you up to date as much as possible with the goings on relating to Motorola’s Xoom tablet. The Android device has plagued the world wide web in recent weeks, seen as a stiff contender against Apple’s ever popular iPad. News of an official date with pre-ordering details has altered…

Carphone Warehouse Slash Nexus S "Sim Free" Prices

Carphone Warehouse Slash Nexus S “Sim Free” Prices

[ 0 ] December 19, 2021

If you are worried about finding that final big present for Christmas, then the Carphone Warehouse could have the solution for you.

Google Nexus S Pre-order Live For UK Networks – Not Three

Google Nexus S Pre-order Live For UK Networks – Not Three

[ 0 ] December 10, 2021

For the last few days, the internet has been inundated with news of the new Google Nexus S along with it’s fantastic offerings. Here at OSM we are pleased to report that the Gingerbread device can now be pre-ordered from four UK carriers over at Carphone Warehouse.

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