Facebook vs Belgian Academic Report claims

Facebook vs Belgian Academic Report claims

Facebook has recently published its versus blog post questioning a recent Belgian Academic Report where they criticised the social networks privacy policies. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Will Facebook’s answers win you over?” In the report by the independent Belgian Privacy … [Read more...]

Facebook bug bounty program pays $1.3m

Facebook bug bounty program pays $1.3m pic 1

There are millions of hackers in the world and majority want to bring a service down, or wage a war to prove they can hurt. But thanks to the Facebook bug bounty program the social media network has paid out millions of dollars to what people known as 'white hat' hackers. In 2014 alone bounties … [Read more...]

Google Plus bug in Knowledge Graph box

Google Plus bug in Knowledge Graph box bug

Breaking news at the moment is within the Google Plus Knowledge Graph boxes; a new bug has been found that removes a few G Plus elements. A few elements have vanished from the Google Plus Knowledge, which appears for some brands within Google Search. Google are aware of the issues and the bug … [Read more...]

Twitter bug bounty offers $140

Twitter bug bounty offers $140

A new Twitter bounty programme would see rewards of $140 going to security researchers, if they find and report any serious security issues on the 140-character sharing site. Twitter has decided to join forces with HackerOne and between them have introduced the new ‘bounty programme’, this is … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Almost Ready To Play On O2

We have some encouraging news for O2 users who want to get their hands on Sony Ericsson's latest smartphone, the Xperia Play. The Playstation Phone as it has been dubbed by some, is due out very soon after the initial delay because of bugs. … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt Glitch: Problems Sending Text Messages?


For many of you, the weeks of waiting for Verizon's HTC Thunderbolt finally paid off yesterday when it officially released, well you did have to wait quite a few weeks! If you fit into this very group of customers, then we would be interested to get your feedback as to what your early thoughts are … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash Player Alert: Zero-Day Critical Vulnerability


If you use Adobe Flash Player (and let’s face it most of us do), you should check out this next piece of news as Adobe has issued a security advisory about a critical vulnerability that has been found in Flash Player. … [Read more...]