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Internet Explorer's 15th Anniversary: Will IE 9 be a celebration?

Internet Explorer’s 15th Anniversary: Will IE 9 be a celebration?

[ 2 ] August 16, 2021

Would you believe that Internet Explorer is celebrating its 15th Anniversary? The browser has been at the top for most of that time, its market share has decreased over time due to constant attacks from the likes of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

15 Safari Extensions: Ultimate add-ons

[ 0 ] August 11, 2021

As many browser users will tell you, extentions/add-ons are awesome! They allow you to put extra functionality into your browser which can let you do anything from sync bookmarks across multiple machines, to automatically checking your webmail inbox and letting you know if you have any new messages.

Google Chrome Canary Build: Updated more frequently

Google Chrome Canary Build: Updated more frequently

[ 0 ] August 3, 2021

Google Chrome is the search giant’s entrant into the search market. It’s main claim to fame is that it is much faster than its competitors, and it provides a smooth and competent browser which is currently sitting in third place behind Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Internet Explorer's Comeback: Firefox biggest loser

Internet Explorer’s Comeback: Firefox biggest loser

[ 2 ] August 2, 2021

Browsers, we can’t live without them! Well, we could, but then we wouldn’t be able to access the internet. Chances are, you’re viewing this article through a browser, whether it’s on your computer, your mobile phone or even your Nintendo Wii.