Activision’s next war game: Apache Air Assault


When somebody asks you what war game Activision are launching in November, without even thinking you say Black Ops! However the massive games developer are bringing out another spin off style war game only 10 days after Black Ops is released. … [Read more...]

COD Black Ops: Record breaking pre-orders and new teaser trailer


Treyarch's massive game Black Ops has been in the news for months now with speculation and talk about the game and now the new 3D support it will come with. We can reveal that the highly anticipated game as already set a record before its release, as it has broken the record for the most pre-orders … [Read more...]

Black Ops 3D: The rumors are true


We have had plenty of coverage in the last week of Call Of Duty: Black Ops and 3D. The main focus has been on Zombies and the achievements leak and the unveiling of new glasses free 3D TVs from Toshiba and Sony. We had no idea that these 2 topics would be beautifully merged together.It has … [Read more...]

COD Black Ops Vs. Medal of Honor: Prepare for a sales war this Christmas


We have had a busy week with the 100% confirmation of "zombie mode" on Black ops and then the leaked achievements list revealing elements of the game. All of the talk is on the Call of Duty franchise at the moment, but let's not forget that Medal Of Honor is also coming out to give Black Ops a real … [Read more...]

CoD Black Ops: Achievements leak and “Zombie Monkeys” to be included?


With Black Ops just over a month away we have had some new interesting developments concerning the game. A list of the achievements from the multiplayer and co-op mode have been leaked today, and been confirmed by Call of Duty's Twitter spokesman Josh Olin as accurate. … [Read more...]

Black Ops Zombies: Unofficial confirmation with new video


Treyarch have finally given the final hint as to the inclusion of the immensely popular Nazi Zombie mode into their upcoming game, Call of Duty: Black Ops. The massive gaming company earlier updated their Black Ops Viral website, which shows multiple screens of different events linked … [Read more...]

Black Ops Zombies: More hints from Twitter?


If you have been dying to hear absolute confirmation for Zombie mode on Black Ops, then we have some news to share with you that may brighten your day. In the past months we have had tons of speculation and hints, but no one from Treyarch has come out and said: "Zombie mode will be in Black Ops … [Read more...]