Fox News Twitter Hack: Fake Obama Death On Independence Day


Twitter can be a sensational social platform for staying up to date and sharing thoughts and news with the world. When this is mixed with hacking it can be a bad combination due to scams and spam, with mostly outrageous and false tweets being posted. If you throw into the mix a huge victim and … [Read more...]

Obama and Weiner Scandal: Implies Resignation Due - Plus Video


The Weinergate Twitter pictures scandal has gathered massive attention and we’ve already told about how Anthony Weiner finally confessed all and then how the fallout from the scandal has led to Congress members tweeting less. Now we have some news for you about how President Obama feels about the … [Read more...]

Barack Obama’s Car Gets Stuck At US Embassy: YouTube Virals


Of all the viral videos we have reported on in the past this one is perhaps the funniest. It combines a seriously tough car that can take bullets facing off against…. A ramp. That’s right; when President Barack Obama visited Dublin Ireland he certainly didn’t have much luck … [Read more...]

Twitter Reaches All Time High With Osama Bin Laden Death


Last night came the official announcement that terrorist Osama Bin Laden had been killed. An official statement from President Barack Obama came late yesterday evening followed by celebrations all over the world particularly for those affected in NYC by Bin Laden's atrocities. Straight away the … [Read more...]

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead: Social Media Reactions


Social media and the many forms of social networking are quickly growing and becoming a great source of information. We see many people’s profiles gaining a lot of followers so that as soon as any news breaks on that person the whole world knows about it … [Read more...]

Obama Set To Make 4G Available To All

As all major U.S network carriers are looking at moving onto a 4G site it seems that they have a pretty big backing, none other than the President of the U.S, Barack Obama has set out a goal to make 4G available to all in a proposed 5 year plan. … [Read more...]

Barack Obama: Causes E-mail teen to recieve life U.S ban


A teen from the U.K has been banned from entering American soil for life after sending U.S president Barack Obama an abusive E-mail. Bedfordshire resident Luke Angel was angered after a recent 9/11 documentary leading to the sending of the message in which he called Mr. Obama a pr*ck. According … [Read more...]

Barack Obama Assassination Tweets: Twitter users learn the hard way

Barack Obama Assassination Tweets- Twitter users learn the hard way

If you wish to go on Twitter and then add a number of Barack Obama assassination tweets, then you will have to be prepared to learn the hard way. Threats against the U.S. President are a serious thing, and will be dealt with swiftly. … [Read more...]