Steve Jobs: Interviews, biography and Apple HDTV

Just yesterday, we brought you news that the late Steve Jobs could be seen taking part in a 60-minute interview, of which he spoke candidly about his personal/work life plus his illness, which would take his life at the age of 56. Sitting there watching it for 60 minutes, will show the good and … [Read more...]

The 60 Minutes Steve Jobs video

On October 5th, Apple’s CEO and one of its co-founders Steve Jobs lost his battle against pancreatic cancer. Despite Jobs being ill for some time, the news still came as a shock to the world. Remembered for the way in which he changed the world of technology, Jobs has been recognised in an … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Life Laid Out Through Autobiography: Coming 2012

Apple's very own CEO Steve Jobs is to do an autobiography about his life which will be released early part of next year. Publishers Simon & Schuster have confirmed this along with its title which will read “iSteve: The Book of Jobs.” … [Read more...]

Russel Brand Fully Exposed On Twitter


Twitter, one of the biggest online social networking sites is home to the everyday user as well as celebrities. It gives people the chance to tweet to one another, post out announcements such as a birth, marriage or divorce and can give people the opportunity to let off a bit of steam. … [Read more...]