Powercor Power Outage in Caroline Springs, Melbourne April 28

Powercor Power Outage pic 1

It seems there is a Powercor power outage in Caroline Springs, Melbourne today April 28. Two customers have emailed us saying they have no power at all in their location of postcode 3023. We did a check on the official powercor.com website and our result came back with, “No reported outages … [Read more...]

Australia Day 2015 rain kills India v Australia

Australia Day 2015 rain kills India v Australia pic 2

Australia Day fireworks and the fifth tri-series One-Day International cricket game between Australia and India were cancelled due to rain. The One-Day International tri-series in Sydney was officially stopped after 8pm AEDT, where there were just 16 overs of play were possible. India got … [Read more...]

Australia Day celebrations, events on Jan 26, 2015

Australia Day celebrations, events on Jan 26, 2015 pic 3

In just a few days time on January 26th it will be ‘Australia Day’ and celebrations will begin to commemorate the company of the first European settlement at Port Jackson in 1788. In this year at Sydney Cove Captain Arthur Phillip raised the British flag. Australia Day is a national day and is … [Read more...]

Australian Open 2015 Tennis follows Brisbane International

Australian Open 2015 Tennis follows Brisbane International pic 1

Two major Tennis events for January and February include the Brisbane International, and the Australian Open 2015. Already the social media networks are being regularly updated to keep everyone posted. The Brisbane International Tennis for 2015 started on January 4th and ends on the 11th, and … [Read more...]

Twitter, Facebook CFS SA current fire updates

Twitter, Facebook CFS SA current fire updates pic 3

The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) current incidents are being updated on a regular basis on its official Twitter and Facebook pages. Hundreds of fire fighters are still battling wildfires in Australia, which has been at its worst in over 30 years. High temperatures and ever-changing high winds … [Read more...]

Sydney siege live updates on Twitter

Sydney siege live updates on Twitter

#sydneysiege is trending in Twitter taking the number one slot at the moment, this hashtag is trending after a gunman held around 30 people hostage today in a Lindt Chocolate Café in Sydney, Australia. Twitter is being inundated with all the ‘Sydney Siege’ news; a few hostages have been released … [Read more...]

Clever Buoy and Google Plus to detect sharks

Clever Buoy and Google Plus to detect sharks

Sharks and humans should not really come into contact, in some cases sharks have been know to badly hurt or even kill people. However, thanks to Optus and Google Plus swimmers, surfers etc may be able to stay safe. The protection comes in two parts, first is an Australian firm called Shark … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S Distracted Fans Opt For $2 Galaxy S II Instead


With just two days to go until Apple's new iPhone 4S officially releases, we wonder how many of you have already pre-ordered your device? A monumental amount of pre-orders have already been reported which is rapidly increasing, but we wonder whether today's Galaxy S II news is about to change your … [Read more...]

Twitter Travels To Australia’s Outback To Raise Mental Health Awareness


Online social networking site Twitter is used by many people including the everyday person as well as the rich and famous. It provides a way for people to communicate with one another by tweeting messages, finding out what their favorite celebrity is doing and so on. Today the site is being used … [Read more...]

Sydney Opera House Hosts “101 You Tube Symphony Orchestra”


Back in January of this year, we brought you news of individuals that had been picked out on YouTube for their musical talents. Subsequently they were then asked to join “The YouTube Symphony Orchestra which after many practise sessions would result in them playing in front of a vast audience at … [Read more...]

100 People Fight Takes To Australian Streets: Facebook Blamed


Social networking site Facebook which is now classed as the biggest with at least 600 million active users, is not only being used as a communication tool for posting messages, uploading photos and changing status updates but as a way for organising criminal activity. … [Read more...]

Australian Cyclone Brings Thousands To Facebook & Twitter


If it wasn’t enough that Queensland, Australia, have just had to deal with the horrific floods wiping out entire neighbourhoods and innocent people losing their lives, but in the wake of Cyclone Yasi, they are yet again faced with a huge clear-up operation. Following on from Yasi's path of … [Read more...]

Queensland Flood Victims Sparks Celebrity Twitter Campaign


Queensland in Australia has unfortunately become the victim of Mother Nature this week. Flash floods have broken out destroying whatever is in its path and at present has taken 12 lives with others reported missing. With the water surging through to the third largest city Brisbane in Australia, … [Read more...]

iPhone App In The Fight Against Skin Cancer


Skin Cancer is the one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers of all and it is on the increase particularly in the younger age group. Although we have all seen the stay safe campaigns giving us information on when it's best to venture out into the sun, topping our skin up with sunblocks and hours … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Put On Trial In Australian Schools


Apple’s iPad tablet has swept across educational facilities across Australia, in a bid to try out this latest technological device. A number of schools such as Kinross College, Ashdale Secondary College, Ballajura Community College and John Curtin College of the Arts are all in the process of … [Read more...]