US Samsung Galaxy S II Attain: AT&T October 2nd

Samsung's monumental new smartphone by the name of the Galaxy S II, is wowing a huge number of customers with the company looking to achieve their yearly target of 10 million sold units. Before the handset had even officially released, we had a gut feeling it would do well, the specifications were … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II No Show: Livid AT&T Customers

One of the hottest devices to step off of Samsung's production line this year, will no doubt be that of the Galaxy S II. Racking up a huge amount of interest already and showing no signs of actually slowing down, the Galaxy S II is definitely not one to be snubbed at. But is this the case in the … [Read more...]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II (Attain) Release 18th September?

Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone despite what some may class as expensive, is still proving as popular as ever. Whilst most other countries are enjoying Samsung's new addition, Stateside the story is somewhat different. Its release is still delayed and believe us when we say, if we had a magic … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 /S II Attain for AT&T Spotted: Release Closer?

We have written innumerable articles about the smartphone that everybody seems to be talking about, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II). At the moment a lot of the questions are about when this impressive Android handset will actually see a U.S. release and we have news today that the Galaxy S2 version … [Read more...]