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"April Fools" News

April Fool’s Day 2011 Survey: 40% Definitely Playing a Joke

[ 0 ] April 1, 2022

Here at OSM we’ve been following April Fool’s Day 2011 jokes and pranks today and have seen some real beauties so far. Some of our posts include the Gmail Motion Google April Fools’, then YouTube stepping back in time, whilst another was a look at using Facebook to pull some pranks. Now we have news…

Google April Fools Jokes Through the Years

[ 0 ] April 1, 2022

There are some great April Fool’s Day 2011 jokes that we’ve spotted this year and we’ve already given you details of YouTube’s effort and also some you can pull using Facebook. Earlier we also reported on the 2011 Google April Fool’s Day prank about Gmail Motion, which was spotted earlier and has fooled thousands of…

Facebook April Fools Day Jokes: What Did You Do?

[ 0 ] April 1, 2022

Being that one day a year where you can get away with saying just about anything we thought we would put together an article to collate some of the jokes we have seen with some that you readers have seen too. This will give us a good base to prepare for next year’s April Fools

Gmail Motion Google April Fool’s 2011: Fiendishly Clever Prank

[ 5 ] April 1, 2022

Every year we wait to see what Google will come up with as an April Fool’s Day joke and this year is no exception. After being initially disappointed to find no special Google Doodle (yet), we finally tracked down the Google April Fools for 2011, Gmail Motion.

iPad 2 Camera X-Ray Photos: Easy Hacking Steps plus VIDEO

[ 0 ] April 1, 2022

We’ve been bringing you all the developments about the Apple iPad 2 since its release and most recently told how analysts were raising their forecasts for sales to 30 million units for 2011 and also gave you advice on iPad 2 stock tracking. Now we hear that it’s possible to hack your iPad 2 to…

April Fools Day Pranks 2011: Apps - iPhone’s Most Devious

[ 0 ] March 31, 2022

OK Pranksters it’s that time of the year again where you have some time to get your own back on friends and family and they can do nothing about it to stop your cunning plans or to know what’s hit them. This is your opportunity to get your own back!

Nicole Richie Pulls April Fool’s Prank on Kim Kardashian’s Twitter

Nicole Richie Pulls April Fool’s Prank on Kim Kardashian’s Twitter

[ 0 ] April 3, 2022

If you just happened to be following reality TV star Kim Kardashian on Twitter on April Fool’s Day, you may have been wondering why it appeared to be littered with dirty messages all day. Well we can now give you the explanation, as to why that was.

HTC Incredible: Did you get fooled by Verizon training prank?

HTC Incredible: Did you get fooled by Verizon training prank?

[ 1 ] April 2, 2022

Yesterday was April Fools day and 2010 should be no different to last year, we knew that all news needed to be examined a little more on a day that’s known for pranks and jokes. Google are always the best at this, and this year was pretty much the same with Google Topeka.

April Fool's Day 2010: Great iPhone app pranks

April Fool’s Day 2010: Great iPhone app pranks

[ 3 ] March 31, 2022

It’s that time of year, you either love it or you hate it but I’m supposed to be impartial so I’m not letting on! Its April Fool’s Day 2010 tomorrow and we’ve discovered there are some great ideas for Fool’s Day available as iPhone apps, for all you committed pranksters.