Best April Fools Jokes from Google in 2015

Google Maps Pac-man

Today is April Fools Day and Google is having a great laugh today, which will actually put a smile on your face because today April 1st is all about being stupid or funny. Luckily enough though Google is being very funny indeed with its little jokes. Google never disappoint when it comes to April … [Read more...]

YouTube pranks 2014 viral video trends

YouTube pranks 2014 viral video trends

The Harlem Shake was very popular indeed on YouTube, as so was the lovely Rebecca Black's Friday video, these both made the world sit up and watch making them go viral. YouTube admitted they were behind these YouTube memes, From the Gangnam style to planking, YouTube were the ones behind … [Read more...]

Facebook April Fools Day Jokes: What Did You Do?


Being that one day a year where you can get away with saying just about anything we thought we would put together an article to collate some of the jokes we have seen with some that you readers have seen too. This will give us a good base to prepare for next year’s April Fools … [Read more...]

April Fools Day Pranks 2011: Apps - iPhone’s Most Devious


OK Pranksters it’s that time of the year again where you have some time to get your own back on friends and family and they can do nothing about it to stop your cunning plans or to know what’s hit them. This is your opportunity to get your own back! … [Read more...]

Topeka: Google April Fools, was you fooled?

Topeka- Google April Fools, was you fooled

Whenever April Fools Day comes around you can expect two things, your friends to play a joke on you and Google to play a prank on its users. This year was no exception – this time though the search engine giant went all out and said that they had changed their name from Google to Topeka. … [Read more...]

April Fools 2010 Facebook Status: How far would you go?

April Fools 2010 Facebook Status- How far would you go

When visiting Facebook one of the first things you check is your friend’s status update – today would have been more important than ever. The reason for this is April Fools 2010, you can be certain that they will add some funny jokes or pranks that they have played throughout the course of the day. … [Read more...]

Google Translate for Animals: April Fool’s Day 2010

Google Translate for Animals April Fools Day 2010

Have you ever felt stressed or lonely, and the only conversation you’ve had has been a one sided one with your cat or dog? Well now it could be possible for your pet to communicate back, with an app developed by Google that’s called “Translate for Animals.” … [Read more...]