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"Apple" News

iMac 2011 Refresh: New Tweet Reiterates Release Rumor

[ 8 ] March 31, 2022

Many of our readers, and us, are waiting for the Apple iMac 2011 refresh and hope to see new and updated iMacs. We have been following the latest news and speculation on this and recently told of a rumor that the new lineup would be coming in April or May after a tweet from respected…

iPhone and iPod News: Powered by Body Movement in Future?

[ 1 ] March 30, 2022

Here at OSM we love to hear of the latest technological advances and this latest story is pretty intriguing. It’s about a real breakthrough and if development progresses it could mean that in the future iPhones and iPods and other mobile devices, could be powered merely by body movement.

iPhone 5 Sales Forecasts of 1 Million: Realistic Goal for Apple?

[ 0 ] March 29, 2022

We’ve been posting articles about the next-generation Apple iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5 for some time now, almost since the release of the iPhone 4 it seems. We now have news of reports saying that when we see the release of the iPhone 5 it could well reach sales of one million and we wonder…

Apple iPad 2 Demand: Sales Forecasts Grow

[ 1 ] March 29, 2022

Since the release of the Apple iPad 2 on March 11 in the US and then on March 25 in many more countries, it has been a phenomenal success. Although we all knew it would be popular the sheer scale of Apple iPad 2 demand is now seeing sales forecasts grow.

iPhone 5 Delay Displeasure: White iPhone 4 / 4G LTE To Replace

[ 1 ] March 29, 2022

With news looking more likely that Apple’s iPhone 5 will not be making an appearance in the summer and the possibility of it not actually coming until sometime next year, perhaps its the time to think about if and what Steve Jobs company will bring out as a replacement to the much talked about handset.

WWDC 2011 iPhone 5: Astonished Again

[ 0 ] March 29, 2022

With competition heating up in the mobile world, it looks like Apple want to astonish everyone in 2011. First they did it with the Verizon iPhone 4, and now it looks like they want to surprise again at WWDC 2011. Apple iPhone 5 might not show up especially when you consider the image Apple uploaded…

Apple MacBook Pro 2011 Charging Equals That Of iPad 2 Adapter

[ 0 ] March 28, 2022

If you have ever charged your iPad via your MacBook Pro you may have noticed that the top up times are extended from that of the standard wall mounted charger.

iPad 2 And Alternatives: 7-Inch Tablets Take Top Spots

[ 0 ] March 28, 2022

While Apple started the tablet frenzy, there has been reports that suggest the iPad‘s 9.7-inch screen is less desirable than its 7-inch counterparts. As Apple have made no plans to reduce the size of their slate, this leaves a fresh playing field for others to dominate.

Apple iPhone 5 Deterrent: iPad 2 Problems May Put People Off

[ 5 ] March 28, 2022

We know how many people are interested in all the news and speculation about the Apple iPhone 5, thought to be due this summer and have posted many articles on it, and also the iPad 2 since its release. Only earlier today though we reported on another iPad 2 glitch being reported and we’re now…

iPhone 5 New & Existing Spec Rumors Seen With Exciting Infographic

[ 0 ] March 28, 2022

Apple’s next generation iPhone or the iPhone 5 if you prefer, is certainly causing a stir across the internet and has done for some months now. Many rumors and speculation have been reported from what the handset will look like in appearance through to its internals and externals, colors, carriers, what name, pricing and of…